So which teams do we worry about to prevent us from getting Mike Williams?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by TruBlueCowboy, Mar 2, 2005.

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    Was reading USA Today and they had a feature on Mike Williams and one of the main people they interviewed was Norm Chow. Let me tell you, Chow is in love with Williams, or at least he comes across that way. He had nothing but solid praise for Williams after their USC years and Williams even mentioned that he wanted to be drafted by the Titans and play for Chow again. I gotta figure, as long as Williams workouts don't disappoint anyone, if Chow has Jeff Fisher's ear, I think that will probably be our biggest obstacle in drafting him.

    As physically impressive as Williams is, I think the year out of football and speed questions are going to drop him to at least #5. The top 3 teams (Cleveland, San Fran and Miami) all are in desperate need of a franchise QB so hopefully they look elsewhere. Miami needs a running back in a desperate way, so they probably look elsewhere. One of those teams could still draft Braylon Edwards which makes Mike Williams the next best target for anyone aiming for a receiver, but hopefully, Edwards drops a little. I remember reading an article last year about how teams just didn't want to spend much on receivers these days because of the new contact rules and the ease at which some teams are making decent wideouts look like stars. I just don't see Braylon Edwards or Mike Williams going in the top three.

    Our first speed bump is Chicago at #4. They just signed Muhammed to a crazy contract considering his age but Lovie Smith has me worried. He mentions that St. Louis offense too much. I can easily see him grabbing another top receiver in Edwards or Williams to try and create another high-powered offense in Chicago. Hopefully, there are enough holes in Chicago that he skips a receiver.

    Tampa Bay at #5 already drafted their future star wideout last year so they're out of the picture.

    That leaves Tennessee at #6 which just got rid of Mason and has the Chow/Williams relation. That will probably be the biggest road block to getting Williams. Here's a team which may have him incredible high on their value list because of Chow's first-hand knowledge.

    #7 Oakland is going for Randy Moss but unfortunately, that pick is now going to the Vikings who would love nothing more than to pick a successor to Randy Moss. Here's where Braylon Edwards play big into this because if the mock drafts and rumors are true, most scouts have Edwards higher than Mike Williams. So hopefully, Edwards wasn't picked by Chicago and the Vikings choose him instead.

    #8 Arizona doesn't need any receivers. Nor does #10 Detroit.

    That leaves Washington at #9 as the only wild card. I guess this all depends on the Laveranues Coles situation. It looked like Coles leaving was certain but I'm not sure now. And even if he doesn't leave, Washington may not feel safe without insurance but I can't see Gibbs worrying about a receiver first.

    So basically, for Mike Williams to get to us, I guess we need to see the following:

    #1 - #3 (SF, CLE, MIA) decide to go QB or RB.
    #4 CHI Hope to god that Lovie Smith isn't serious about trying to mimic the St. Louis offense he used to practice against.
    #6 TEN Pray that Jeff Fisher doesn't trust Norm Chow yet in the draft. :D
    #9 WAS Hope the Coles situation works out and he stays with them.

    I let #7 Minnesota out because I think it's almost a given that they're going to pick a receiver to replace Moss, we just have to hope that the other teams play into the right pecking order.

    Here's hoping that Williams falls into our laps because the more I read about him, the more impressed I am. :cool:
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    I guess you are making the assumption that Bill and Jerry have Williams high on their draft board. Who says that they pick him if he drops to #11?
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    I don't want Williams...he ran a 4.61 at the 40. I'm not solely judging him by straight line speed, but OMG that's LB time! If we can't get Edwards at #11 I'll be happy if we wait until the 2nd to get a WR. I might not mind if we take Troy Williamson or Roddy White at #20 though.
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    Watching the combine coverage on NFL Network, Williams has been "promised" by the Bucs that they'll draft him at #5. FWIW.
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    4.6 isn't a bad time for a large possesion reciever. Anyone remember what Anquan Boldin ran? I thought he was at like a 4.7 or something. Williams won't be burning guys down field but he is a huge target with good hands that is hard to bring down by a small CB or FS. If he last till 11 and we don't grab him then I'm positive we'll regret it.
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    I'm new to the board. Tice was seen talking to MW at the combine. If he makes it to #7 he's gone for sure.
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    Drafting at #11, Dallas has to worry that teams 1-10 will draft Williams. In my opinion, there isn't a single team who is SO stacked at WR that they wouldn't at least entertain the idea of drafting him. Seriously.

    That said, I think Chicago, Tampa, Tennessee, Minnesota, and Washington have better than average interest in a WR. The odds that Williams (or Edwards) is available are very low indeed. I'm beginning to wonder if Dallas isn't preparing to trade down to later in the first.

    Wouldn't surprise me a bit to see us trade our #11 pick to some team for their first and second.
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    Agree with that. Unless a player slips to them that they love at 11, the value in this draft looks to be building up picks in the top 40 or 50. If they can slide down just a few spots and end up with an extra 2nd, then they have all sorts of options. Grab 1 or 2 DEs in the first, get a decent OL or WR in the 2nd. It may not have the sparkle of a draft people here envision, but you could suddenly have some real depth and a better stocked roster of young/cheap players.

    I'll be much more excited about a trade down in this draft than a trade up for anyone.
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    Didn't know that and the more I think about the offense Gruden had in Oakland, I guess I can easily see him going after another big receiver although Clayton is going to be a star in this league and hopefully they have other needs to address. It's not looking good, I don't think we'll get either of those receivers and it's a shame too because I haven't been this excited about receiving prospects since Randy Moss entered the draft. Braylon Edwards and Mike Williams have the potential to tear up this league.
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    chicago - threat
    tampa - set at WR - need to fill in holes with released defensive players
    tennesee - just lost both of their starting cb's in free agency
    minnesota - too many holes in their D
    Washington - threat if they release Coles.

    Doesnt look so bad...
  11. Shotgun Dave

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    It's all opinion, I guess, but I would hardly call Tampa "set" at WR. Tennessee also lost their most productive WR. Minny did too - in fact, look at who they have starting now - Marcus Robinson and that other dude (Nate something?). Hardly stacked anyway. Washington will draft Williams or Edwards because a) they need to replace Coles /Gardner soon enough and b) they want to keep him from US.

    I think Chicago drafts Edwards and, at the latest, Williams will go to Washington. Depends what Plax does whether or not Williams goes to Minny.

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