so who we gonna get #1?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by lane, Dec 16, 2005.

  1. lane

    lane The Chairman

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    wr mike hass oregon state
    c greg eslinger minnesota
    ot eric winston miami
    ot marcus mcneil auburn

    surely one of these 4 will be there when we pick.

    i'd take any one of these 4.

    FRDRCK DeWare94

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    a safety
  3. junk

    junk I've got moxie

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    I doubt it. OL or LB is my guess.
  4. Cajuncowboy

    Cajuncowboy Preacher From The Black Lagoon

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    I wish there were some kind of magic that would let us somehow get D'Brickashaw Ferguson. :cry3:

    Oh well, I'll have to settle for a Super Bowl win instead. :dance3:
  5. BigWillie

    BigWillie Well-Known Member

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    Eric Winston would be a steal.

    This guy is alot like Robert Gallery. A 'tweener in HS (in this case, a TE switched to OT) so in all honesty, he hasn't fully developed at the position yet.

    Winston is coming off a knee injury. If not for that last year, he would've been a HIGH 1st round pick. He struggled this year, badly. He played HORRIBLY against FSU in the opener, but as his knee healed and he got more back into the speed of the game, he got better and better. He isn't 100% back to where he was his junior season, but he is awfully close.

    If Winston is on the board at our pick, I hope it takes us about 30 seconds to scoop the guy up.
  6. ghettogandhi

    ghettogandhi Active Member

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    Priority list for offseason

    1) oline man 2x Need a tackle and a center
    2) linebackers 2x
    3) free safety
    4) young wr to go with crayton
  7. Cajuncowboy

    Cajuncowboy Preacher From The Black Lagoon

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    Yeah, we BIG TIME need a center who can hold his ground. This is getting to be pitiful.
  8. Hostile

    Hostile The Duke

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    Bobby Carpenter, LB, Ohio State.
  9. lane

    lane The Chairman

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    i could see us taking a lb now that dat is probably finished.

    i would pick a eslinger or hass if i had anything to do with it...........which i don't....:banghead:
  10. FRDRCK

    FRDRCK DeWare94

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    what are the chances of Dwayne Slay being available for our second round pick?

    if we can get a real good safety in the 2nd then i wouldn't mind an olineman in the draft, but there's always free agency.
  11. Hostile

    Hostile The Duke

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    Fairly good. Safeties do not go high usually and this year there are quite a few who could be rated ahed of him.
  12. lane

    lane The Chairman

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    i still think justin beriault will be our fs next year.
  13. 2much2soon

    2much2soon Well-Known Member

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    don't know if he will make a good pro but Hass was very impressive at the college level.
  14. Cbz40

    Cbz40 The Grand Poobah

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    I'm with ya junk on this one........
  15. ghst187

    ghst187 Well-Known Member

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    A few more names to consider:
    LB Carpenter OSU the type of LB BP likes and could play inside
    FS Laron Landry LSU, ball hawk, runs about a 3.8 40 when the ball is in the air
    WR Santonio Holmes OSU, Terry Glenn type WR but also can return kicks, speedy
    FS Darnell Bing USC, hasn't played as well as hoped but athleticism is there and been injured
    FS Jason Allen UTenn, serious injury, if he would've played at 100% all season I'd probably have him ranked #1 FS, also played well at CB and great size
    S/CB Jimmy Williams, VTech, better S than CB, incredible athlete
    FS, Michael Huff, FS, solid in coverage
    OT/OG, Davin Joseph, OU, doing okay at T but truly a OG and a darn good one.
    OG, Gean-Jiles, UGA, monster
    LB, Hodge, Iowa
    DE, Elvis Dumervil, DE in college but might be able to play like Ware in the LB/DE role. That could make him more attractive to us.
    I think Landry has played the best of all these FS's this year but any of them could turn out great in the pros. Very deep S draft IMO. I'm sure Williams will try to make it as a CB (more $$$) but he's better at S. I like Slay but I think he could be better in coverage. Holmes is probably the best value pick in the first if he's still there. I think we can get a G in the second.
    There are no C's worth a pick this year IMO. We have to get Bentley IMO.

    I like the first four guys mentioned in this thread plus these guys and FS Slay from TTech in the first or second. I'd also accept a trade down in order to make a run at Brady Quinn in '07.
  16. Bob Sacamano

    Bob Sacamano Benched

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    some other names to consider

    Minnesota C Greg Eslinger
    USC OT Winston Justice (he's rising up draft boards)
    Maryland MLB D'Qwell Jackson

    SALADIN Jumper

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    My man Hos!

    Yea, I've been watching Carpenter real close the last 2 years and I've never thought that Hawk was better then him.

    B. Carpenter can play in the Cowboys Defense and be productive. He can put his hand on the ground or stand up and rush and seems to be every much the athlete Hawk is to be trustworthly in coverage.

    Carpenter may slide this year because of his injury but I really think that he may be that kind of player who can recover, test well, and most of all allow the scouts to gather enough film (if he plays vs Ohio State) evaualate him and get him at a value.

    Next year we have one that we agree on :cool:
  18. parchy

    parchy Active Member

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    We don't need a tackle. Flo is only 30 and we've spent an entire year baptizing Pettiti by fire. He appears to have the stuff to be a solid contributor, so I don't see why we'd draft somebody to take his place... plus there are so many other places we need help. Max-Jean Gilles, the G from Georgia would be fantastic. He plays a lot like LA did in his prime... has that size/look to him.
  19. jumanji

    jumanji Member

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    carpenter will be a 4th rounder
  20. Anguillidae

    Anguillidae Member

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    We need an offensive tackle. Eric Winston would be a good choise if he lasts that long. Winston Justice is also a possibility.

    We need WR and LBs in the 2nd and 3rd round.

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