Some of the coaches I wanted having problems

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Reverend Conehead, Jan 10, 2014.

  1. Reverend Conehead

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    When Wade was fired, I wanted Mike Shanahan in the worst way and was upset when he went to the Redskins instead. Obviously, however, things didn't work out so well for him in DC. He did get an NFC East title last year, but in the playoffs he royally screwed up by keeping RG III in when too hurt to play and subjecting him to danger. And this season the Skins had a total collapse. I'm not ruling out that he could be a successful coach again, but he's no longer on my A-1 list.

    I was upset when KC got Andy Reid. I was thinking he would be the one who could turn things around here. It looked like I was right when the Chiefs started out 9 and 0. However, Reid mismanaged the game clock just as bad as Garrett in that playoff loss to the Colts, or should I say that total meltdown against the Colts. Yes, that was just one game, but the Chiefs also seemed to lose something after their 9 and 0 start. I'm also not ruling out the possibility of Reid being successful again, but he's off my A-1 list.

    I really don't even have an A-1 list anymore. I'm not sure who I would want to replace Red, though I know he's not the guy.
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  2. WPBCowboysFan

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    Herein lies the real problem. Get rid of Red and who do you get to replace him? Its not that losing Red would be a big deal. Its who do you get that will for sure be an upgrade?
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    I think we don't get to hear a lot about some of the hot underlings who haven't been retread and rebranded and rehired. I would like to see how Ray Horton or the like get a shot here as a DC down the road although some of those guys will get a bigger shot somewhere else first.
  4. Jenky

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    Shanahan didn't want to play him. This is what happens when there's a power struggle in the organization. Owner sides with the player and the player gets his way.

    There's a reason why a ton of Redskin fans are upset with RG3 right now. He's turning out to be a selfish player.
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    I never wanted Shanahan. I always thought he was overrated.
  6. BigStar

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    I still like Andy Reid; he did that without a quality starting QB. Has his own pass happy issues once he does have one but he is worlds above JG in terms of creativity on O. Think he could've gotten a lot out of this squad this year with our talent here (steady line play coupled with a mix of young/veteran talent in Romo, Dez, Murray, Beas, Witt, TW).
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    Question. Do you Think Andy Reid would have won NFC East if he were still in Philly?
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  8. NJ22

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    Didnt KC win 2 games in 2012? Lol. Last year should have cemented Reid on you A list.
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  9. NJ22

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    As far as shanahan goes he had to deal with TO3, Schnyder AND losing 36mil of cap space and still won the division. You need to check your a-list criteria.
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  10. ghst187

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    I thought we whiffed big time by not getting Jeff Fisher. Hindsight shows letting Sean Payton walk was disastrous.
    I would've been fine with Andy Reid also. Although I don't think most NFL retreads work out that well, although there are a few.
    I'm ready to give a successful college guy a go. Saban became unfeasible with his recent buyout.
    I have a close friend that played for Urban Meyer and has loathed him ever since so can't promote that.
    I actually think Tressel might succeed in the NFL, when he doesn't have to worry about players getting free tattoos.
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  11. tecolote

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    Holmgren, Reid, Gruden (John), Chip Kelly, Harbaugh, Lovie Smith, Whisenhunt, Pagano, Rivera, Josh McDaniels, Carroll, Fisher, Fox, Zimmer, Gus Malzahn, Bill O'Brian, etc.

    Those are Coaches that are either available now or have been hired since Garrett took over, all of them would be an upgrade over Garrett, some of them are so much better it is laughable to compare them with JG.

    When you talk about Garrett's history with the Cowboys you have to take into account that he has been here for 7 years and his most succesful season was his first when he shared offensive duties with Sparano. He runs a 20 year old offense and runs it badly. Garrett had absolutely no skins on the wall when he was hired and he was promoted to HC to learn on the job, per Jerry, that's insane. Especialy considering he wasted the prime years of a franchise QB.

    Again, the owner of the team admited he hired Garrett knowing he had to learn, he admited he has made a lot of mistakes while on training and he does not want him to go someplace else when those mistakes are fixed even though it's clear he is still making the same mistakes. You are talking about a worldwide top 3 sports franchise, it is really mind boggling to let a guy who is clearly out of his league lead that team. Again, it's insane.
  12. BigStar

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    Easily...I see what you did there:oops: Reid is eerily similar in stubbornness to JG but incorporates RBs in the passing game to compensate for the lack of run plays. His creativity can be stunted by stubbornness as well. I've never seen JG display the same innovation/creativity displayed in Reid's offenses to compensate for the lack of runs. Much more innovative with the talent he is presented.
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  13. Coy

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    Great post.
  14. Wheeltax

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    Unfortunately it's just as tough to hit on a great coach as it is to hit on a great QB. After their respective starts early on, who would have imagined that Belichick or Parcells or Payton would end up with the careers they have? It's all about the right guy in the right organization with the right staff and the right players. You could send a Harbaugh to the Browns, and he'd probably still not see the playoffs. You might send Garrett to Houston, and they'd be in the Super Bowl. You just never know.

    As time goes on, though, I am less and less enthused about the prospect of bringing back a head coach who has had success with another organization to try and recreate those winning ways. Has that ever worked once?

    And for the record, I think Shanahan would have had more success in Dallas than he did in Washington. I believe RG3 will end up setting back the Redskins franchise by years - there's just no way he can provide a return on investment to make up for what the team has given up to get him, and I don't just mean in draft picks.
  15. bodi

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    I look at Victor John "Vic" Fangio for HC next
  16. WPBCowboysFan

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    I like what you said about Red _.

    Not all those coaches you listed would be on my list. For example, Josh McDaniels proved to be an immature clown as HC in Denver. He was a disaster. No thanks.
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  17. Pessimist_cowboy

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    How about Sean Payton yesterday ? He coached horrible
  18. blindzebra

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    It is as much to do with situations they get placed in as their ability to coach.

    Harbaugh inherited much of that SF team and that defense was nasty before he got there.

    Kelly got put into a similar situation. And they may have been a 5 or 6 win team had Vick not gotten hurt.

    Even Belichick failed miserably in Cleveland and then landed with a hands off owner and a great GM and then he lucks into a franchise QB because of a freak hit on Bledsoe.
  19. theogt

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    Wow, the Chiefs went 4-8 after their bye, including the playoff loss. I knew they melted down but didn't realize they were THAT bad.
  20. BoysFan4ever

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    I'm kinda thinking almost anyone would be an upgrade.

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