Some Q's and A's with those shaping draft policy

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    *(taken from Dallas Cowboys Star Magazine for April 2012)

    Jerry Jones

    Q: People always say it's a bad idea to draft for need, and you just used free agency to fill a lot of holes. But would you agree there are still some sore sports?

    A: 'It's not that you're not going to sue some discretion as to how it fits our team, but in general, and really how well we did in free ageny, we will be able to draft or trade. Free agency helped us in looking at how we can best improve the personnel of this team through the draft.'

    Q: Whether it's for need, or he's the best player available, Memphis defensive tackle Dontari Poe is one of the most exciting first-round talent out there. But scouts say he doesn't play like he tests. What's your take?

    A: 'I'm real impressed with him. I'm particularly impressed because he looks like a nose, but has the speed and has the skill to have some pash rush similar to an end. That is both the three technique and the five technique. There are questions that have been brought up, but from the initial information that I have gotten, and we've had a lot of discussion concerning him, is that he looks do-able.

    Q: That would be a departure for you, though. You've picked only one defensive lineman in the last five drafts.

    A: 'The right defensive lineman there for us would be a good thing in the draft at 14.

    I have a good feeling about Clifton Geathers. I have a good feel about Sean Lissimore. I have a good feel about Josh Brent. Obviously, Jason Hatcher and Jay Ratliff are keys to our thinking. I like where we are there, but as you know, you need to keep them coming...
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    Head Coach Jason Garrett

    Q: Do you feel comfortable with the 14th spot? There seems to be a pretty sizeable cluster of defensive players who would make sense there.

    A: 'We're excited about the players who are potentially avialable. There are good players in every draft. We'll go through the process. We'll talk about every player; we'll talk about things strategically. As we get closer to the draft, we'll discuss groups and clusters of players.'

    Q: Two years in a row, you've gone after value with guys who slipped into the second round due to injury red flags. Sean Lee and Bruce Carter Do you like how tha strategy has worked and will you continue it?

    A: 'Each of those two guys has different skill sets and different strengths. They come from different places. I understand the question, but that's not something that we intentionally try to do.'
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    Assistant Director of Player Personnel Tom Ciskowski

    Q: Most people seem to think that you are a lock to take a defensive player. Does conventional wisdom hold?

    A: 'I think it's 50 -50. I think there will be a choice of two defensive players and two good offensive players. I've gone through and looked at some of the mocks, studied some of the teams, what their needs are, what they might be doing, and so I think we'll have some choices.'

    Q: So you're as glued to the mock drafts as everyone else?

    A: 'I try to look at various ones, but there is so much video to look at that I only use it as a tool. I don't put a lot of stock into it. But at the same time, I know a lot of those mocks are based upon going and talking to other teams around the league. Some of those people talk with eight to ten teams. That's how they put the mocks together. So it gives you a little bit of a starting point to put it all together.'

    Q: Are things harder to predict because the new rookie wage scale takes a lot of the risk out of those early picks?

    A: 'I think people could be more aggressive in trading around. But for us, I mean, trade up and give up your second round pick? That player better be really dynamic to do something like that. It's just like preparing for a game. You have to be alert to what could happen and unfold. There's always a player picked in the top 10 to 12 that you don't think will go there. And then a player could fall into your lap that you didn't anticipate being there.'
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    "that he looks do-able."

    Sorry Jerry I don't want a player at 14 that looks do-able.

    Give me a player at 14 that looks like an impact player, a game changer.
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    I take more interest in what Tom C. says. Two defensive players and two offensive players.

    DeCastro and ?

    Cox, Poe or Barron ?

    wondering who the 2nd offensive player could be.
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    My first guess would be Glenn, but then there is strong interest by Dallas for Konz....
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    Do you know if these comments were in regards to the 14th pick or the 1st round in general.

    I see in mocks that Konz is in the 1st round, but most have him late 20's. Glenn is normally mid 20's.
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    I'm guessing that the choice of value in meeting Dallas needs doesn't rely upon a positioning at a point in the draft. On the same accord, the dual alternatives could both be approached lower in the draft. A partner for a trade is needed at that point, although...but as indicated in comments, trades may be easier this draft.

    An alternative could additionally be at wide receiver, and a new need for Dallas at the same time. There is a great deal of interest in the Notre Dame wide out now.
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    For teams not looking for a LT, Glenn is at the top of some teams' OL list because he's so big...they believe he can start at RT right away, can definitely move inside to G, and with a little work, could be guy who swings out to LT if you have an in-season injury.

    DeCastro is the best G prospect right now, but some of that is because he played G while Glenn was playing LT...DeCastro will be a great G, but no one is even thinking about him playing other positions.

    I think Glenn will go before #20.
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    Great target picture there...:starspin
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    Offensive players: Richardson/DeCastro

    Defensive: Ingram/Poe
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    Where do you get this? Opinion?

    DeCastro could move to center. He even snapped the ball during his pro day. So, there goes that, eh?

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