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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by whcarm, Sep 3, 2005.

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    1) We only have two safeties on the roster? There's no way that we go into the season with no backup safety. Maybe Parcells is thinking of moving one of the CBs to safety. But I think we will probably bring someone in, at least I hope so.

    2) We have no backup LT. I would guess Pettitti is starting at RT. That leaves Tucker as the only other OT on the roster and I don't think he has played LT. Does this mean that we are going to start Tucker at RT and have Petitti back up both spots? Or are we going to bring in a backup LT or are we going to bring in a starting RT?

    3) Morgan and Copper are still on the team even with Price coming in. I would be one or both of them leave. I'm guessing the Cowboys are working the phones trying to trade Morgan for something.

    4) Cortez is still the starting kicker...:Doh I really hope we bring in someone else to start. Cortez sucks.

    5) What are we going to do with 4 RBs? I know we wanted to keep them all for various reasons (Thomas - experience, Barber - draft pick, Thompson - promise and speed) but it seems like a waste to me. No way all these guys are going to get playing time.
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    i don't get all the bad vibes on cortez. he has been solid all preseason and his kick-off's are better than we have had in a dozen years. he has earned the right to start.
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    He kicks off well but he is very inaccurate and unreliable. Cowboys fans have complained about how Cundiff was not reliable, well Cortez is much, much worse.
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    Reeves can play FS. Petitti can play LT, probably better than Vollers.
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    But if Petitti is starting at RT then if Adams goes down we are going to have to move Petitti from RT to LT and bring in Tuckers at RT. That just doesn't make sense to shake up the line that much.
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    That was Parcells rational for not starting Vollers over Tucker in the past. He did not want to have to shake up two positions if someone went down. Now that is the position we are in so I guess we will have to see what he has in mind.
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    Anyone else mildly surprised that Noll made it on the OL?

    Maybe BP thinks that Noll has more upside at Tackle than Vollers? And Noll already plays Guard.

    I just thought BP wasn't happy with Noll's performance in the first three pre-season games.

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