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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cobra, Jan 26, 2006.

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    This is long, and I am just kind of thinking through my own thoughts. I was bored today, so I thought I would type out my thoughts on our needs and maybe people can help me focus them. I am sure I am not being novel or original with any of this thoughts, but thanks for letting me share! :p: Maybe you can help me think through where I think we should look.

    53 man roster, that is, people who are guaranteed to be on it next year:

    QB- Bledsoe, Romo, Henson
    RB- Julius, Marion Barber, Tyson Thompson
    WR- Kewshawn, Glenn, Crayton, ______, ________
    TE- Witten, Campbell, _________
    LT- Adams, ______ Pettiiti
    LG- Allen, ______
    C- Johnson, _______ (or ______, Johnson)
    RG- Riveria, ________
    RT- _______, Pettiti

    DE- Spears, ______
    NT- Ferguson, Johnson
    DE- Canty, _______
    OLB- Fujita, Burnett(ILB?)
    ILB- James, _______, ________, ________
    OLB, Ware, _____
    CB- Newman, Henry, Glenn, Reeves, ______
    SS- Williams, Beriault
    FS- _______, Davis

    LS- ______
    K- ______
    P- McBriar

    That's 32, not including people who could easily make the team if we choose to keep them around, such as Glover, Ellis, and Gurode.

    So by my count, there are 20 spots that can (and need) to fill.

    That 20 would have to include:

    1-2 WR
    1 TE
    1 FB/4th TE
    2 Tackles
    2 Guards
    1 Center

    2 DEs
    1 NT
    1 OLB
    3 ILB
    1 CB
    1 FS
    1 Kicker

    We could bring back the following people and be ok, in my estimation:

    Peterman, Gurode, Coleman, Fowler, Shanle, Ryan/Pierce, Nate Jones, Copper

    That means, in my world, if we don't bring back Glover and Ellis and bring back those people and move Burnett inside , that leaves 12 spots that we absolutely would have to fill this off-season. They are:

    2 Tackles
    1 Guard
    1 TE/FB

    2 DE
    1 NT
    1 OLB
    1 ILB
    1 FS

    1 K
    1 LS

    That's a lot of spots to fill in 1 off-season. If I were to prioritize them as spots where we absolutely can't have the same player in it starting, I would prioritize it like this:

    Need to get a without a doubt solid Starter, by order of importance

    Extremely High
    Free Safety

    Long Sanpper

    Luxury upgrades at starter


    The rest of our needs can be back-ups (although it would be nice to upgrade at some of those positions)

    That's 5-7 starters and 6 quality backups.

    I think Kicker, Long Snapper, and Fullback you take care of in Free Agency, for sure.

    The rest of the 9 guys need to be taken care of free agency or with one of our 6 draft picks.

    Gosh... seems daunting.

    It makes me wonder if we can afford to bring in upgrades (Bentley or a Guard or WR) because we have so many holes. I also wonder if we can afford to bring in a NT in the early rounds.

    But if we can have an off-season like we did last off-season as far as filling holes, I'm confident we can do it.

    Thanks for letting me share. This may not be useful to anyone here, but I enjoyed it and that is all that matters!:p:
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    I would factor in some of those guys getting better like Beriault, Peterman, etc. We will probably bring in atleast 3 major FA signings (Tackle,Free Safety & Kicker) and several small signings (DT,WR,C) or maybe we have 4 major signings and take a major Center. Not to mention small time FA signings (undrafted free agents) has been starters, young no bodies and such and such.

    We can manufacture 2 more draft picks with the trading or Ellis or Glover or both actually and pick up 2 more high and mid round draft pics.

    So we could have 7 picks ( a 1, 2 2's, 3,4,5,7 ).
    I say we come out of this draft with 4 possible starters, and at least 2.
    So we'll be okay.
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    Nice breakdown. I would have broke it down similarly. I would include Jay Ratliff, because I think the coaching staff is pretty high on him. I thought he was outplaying Spears at times.

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