Some Sideline points from Last Night, very important.

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Champsheart, Oct 30, 2006.

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    First last nights game was just awesome on many counts.

    But nothing put a smile on my face more than a few sideline shots.

    The first was Parcells adjusting T.O.'s hat. I think these 2 are building a bond. The smile on T.O.'s face was just priceless. You think ESPN has the guts to talk about and show this. To say maybe they where all wrong. HMMM.

    The look on Romo's face when Parcells was giving him an at a boy. The look of Victory, the look of I am here to stay, the look I have your back. That to was just priceless. I have been supporting Romo for a long time now, and he is even more than I thought he was. This kid is as cool as a cucumber and has a great fun personality, the kind all of America can fall in love with.

    Jim Burt! I was wondering what the heck he was doing on the sideline in Cowboys gear, man that looked wierd, but I WANT HIM THERE EVERY WEEK.
    Did you see his enthusiasim. It was awesome. He really seemes to care about these guys, and several times someone from the D-Line would come right up to him. He seemed to pump them up.

    T.O. talking to the defense. Getting them pumped up. You know what the D responded. They really seemed to be fired up after T.O. was urging them on.

    I really think T.O. is becoming a leader on this team.

    To all the media out there. Admit it! YOU ARE WRONG! You can all go eat our shorts.

    What a game last night, but I really think we all where treated to much more than that. Some of the interactions on the sidelines where just awesome.
  2. Darkhound

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    To add to your post?

    How long do you thinkiTO will remain with us?
    I honestly thought Keyshawn was going to be a cowboy for years.... and there we go.
  3. tomson75

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    You're kidding right?

    ESPN definitely has the guts to mention this...they've stopped short of calling the entire Cowboys organization gay. You should know by now, the media is NEVER wrong.
  4. Muhast

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    I dont recall EVER seeing T.O like last night. He was actually HAPPY to be on our team. he was HAPPY with getting the ball. he was EXCITED with our defense. He was HAPPY with bp.

    he was never like that with philly. Maybe some smiles, but never like last night

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    I think TO finishes out the contract and then gets another 3 years.
  6. Tuna Helper

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    I agree. This is the most fun that Parcells has had during a game in a long time. Parcells has been cryptic and cold lately, and the atmosphere seemed to be so tense. It is nice to see them breaking the tension.

    On the TO issue, I think he plays a few more years and retires as a Cowboy.
  7. diamond cutter

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    T.O. is a physical specimen and is an incredible player, but I will never confuse him with a leader. If he turns out to be a leader... great. However I think anyone that thinks T.O. is a leader has had a healthy glass of Kool-Aid.

  8. chinch

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    It was interesting/telling that at the press conference/interviews TO still had not adjusted the hat straight :)
  9. Chuck 54

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    On a side note, did anyone else think they saw Tony crying? After Parcells gave him a hug and said something quick, and probably positive to him, they kept showing Romo in the background and he was wiping his eyes and no longer smiling...I swear he looked like he was so touched or relieved or whatever to get that approval from Parcells, I'm pretty sure he was fighting back tears as his face was somewhat red and scrunched up.

    Did anyone else think this? "There's no crying in football"....:D ....I thought it was a cool moment unless I misjudged it and he just had a bug fly in his eye.

    Someone who taped the game should check it out.
  10. percyhoward

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    I thought Romo was crying too when I first saw it, but after watching it again I'm not sure.

    Great catch on TO not fixing his hat.
  11. CrazyMonster

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    That is how TO has always worn his hats.

    That is why Bill put it like that....kinda like here ya go buddy....let me get that for ya!
  12. CrazyMonster

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    BTW does anyone have a photo of Bill twisting the hat?
  13. CrazyMonster

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    BTW does anyone have a photo of Bill twisting the hat?


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