Some underrated D lineman

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by tm1119, Feb 2, 2014.

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    Obviously it's a huge need and there has been a ton of talk here about the top 10 or so guys at each position, but I see a bunch of guys that can help this team right away that can be had on the 2nd or 3rd day.

    Brent Urban DT/DE Virginia- A but of a tweener and probably more of a 3-4 end, but I think he would be a great depth/rotational player in any D. 6'6 295 with surprising athletic ability. Uses his long arms to keep blockers at a distance very well. Knock on him is that tends to play tall and get stood up a little more often than you'd like. I think he could play both 3tech and SDE for us and be a extremely productive rotational guy.
    Currently projected anywhere between the 4th and 6th.

    Shamar Stephen DT UConn- 6'5 305 with long arms. Really strong at the point of attack, watched him hold his own against double teams on several occasions. Uses the bull rush well and can collapse the pocket really quick. Also has surprising quickness and can chase a play from behind. I like him as a 1 tech who is a lot more than just a stump in the middle.
    Currently projected as a 5th/6th rounder

    Will Clarke DE West Virginia- Surprisingly haven't seen much about Clarke on here at all....Great frame for a SDE at 6'6 270. Despite the size he still has an explosive 1st step with the ability to bend around the OT and get to the QB. The kid is really a freak athlete. Tends to get stood up a lot and needs to use his size better against the run. A bit of a project, but has the tools to be great.
    Currently a 3rd/4th round pick

    Brent Gardner DE Stanford
    - Myself and few other users here have been pushing Gardner as a sleeper for a while now so might not be a new name, but the kid is a player. 6'4 275, strong as a bull with a motor that doesn't stop. Has a surprising amount of pas rush ability but really thrives in the run game. I see him as a perfect fit at SDE. Coming off of a torn peck.
    Currently projected anywhere between the 5th and 7th

    Vilami Moala DT Cal- No idea who informed this kid that it would be a good idea for him to skip his senior year and go pro, but he represents a steal really late in the draft. Former top recruit who didn't see much playing time until this past year and didn't show up a ton on the stat sheets in this 1 year of starting. But what Moala does bring to the table is an extremely unique blend of size, strength, and explosive athleticism. At 6'2 315 he moves more like a guy who is 280 and holds the Cal bench press record at 495 pounds. He's a huge gamble but has the tools to be a dynamic 1 tech.
    Currently projected as a 6th/7th round pick

    Morgan Breslin DE USC
    - Undersized DE but makes up for that by going 100 mph on every play. Relentless with some good pass rush moves. Very productive as a junior in 2012, but dealt with several injuries in this year. Probably never going to be an every down player, but I can see him being a very good situational pass rusher.
    Currently projected as a 3rd/4th round pick

    Feel free to add your own
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    Chalk me up and one who hadn't noticed Gardner--until this post. I am definitely on board. 7.5 tfl and 4.5 sacks in 8 games... High motor high character...

    Yeah, I will take that any day.

    Getting a kid like this late in the draft could make up for reaching for a safety in the first round...
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    Love to get Shamar Stephen and Gardner in the 7th. Love there size and motor.
  4. tm1119

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    Don't think either will be available in the 7th, but both guys would bring size and nastiness to the d line. I think they will both be 5th/6th rounders, but I don't think it would be too hard to figure out how to get both.
  5. unionjack8

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    Jay bromley, could be a ratliff type steal
  6. RS12

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    Louisiana Tech DT Justin Ellis intrigues me.
  7. cbow44

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    Ethan Westbrooks, WestTexas A&M 6'4" 270 last 2 yrs 26 sacks and 47 TFL. Would he be there in the 7th?
  8. Questfor6

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    Caraun Reid from Princeton impressed me at the Senior Bowl, could be a good snag in the 4th or 5th
  9. 4lifecowboy

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    You are absolutely right, it is a must that we hit on some late round choices, especially concerning the DL in order to have a impactful draft. And the chances of doing that for the DL is far greater than doing at FS. I personally like the intangibles that are attached to Moala. Adding a strong player like that and pairing him with a Donald would significantly upgrade our soft middle on the DL.
  10. tm1119

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    Completely agree. In an ideal world we would be getting complete players who do everything well, but with limited funds and with a bunch of holes to fill in the early rounds getting guys that are at least rotational players is very important in the later rounds. Getting guys like Gardner and Moala/Stephen who you know will at worst play the run well will be a huge improvement. It's going to be hard to acquire studs who can do everything on the d line, but piecing together a rotation that can shouldn't be as bad.
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    Good list and nice job including the links.
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  12. tm1119

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    Wanted to bump this and add some more guys since its the need has become much more pressing

    Zach Kerr DT Delaware- 6'1 326 and surprisingly quick. Powerful and quick off of the line with the ability to walk guards back and collapse the pocket. Not the most agile guy in the world but very good at shooting 1 gap and being disruptive. Could be a nice big body to have to rotate in at 1 tech in short yardage situations with more potential for the future. He's a 6th/7th round pick.

    Jay Bromley DT Syracuse
    - A little but of a head scratcher as to why Bromley is projected to be a 7th round pick....very good college production combined with more than adequate size and quickness. He's not the strongest DT in the world and doesn't do great against double teams but can rush the passer as a 3 tech. Potential to be an effective rotation player right away.

    Chris Whaley DT Texas- 6'3 270- Former RB who converted to DT in 2012. Has tons of athletic ability and a very good motor. He did however tear his acl in 2013 so he would be a redshirt his rookie year. Given that he still needs to add weight and get stronger the redshirt isn't really a bad thing. Should be a 7th round pick. Could be the next Melton....

    Zach Moore DE Concordia-
    Dominate D2 DE who appears to have the necessary skill set to play in the NFL. 6'5 270 with 33 3/4" arms. Explosive and quick off of the line and can bend to turn the corner. Will need to get stronger and coached up but he has a lot of tools.

    Again....anybody can feel free to add their own to make this thread a good tool come draft on days 2 and 3
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  13. xwalker

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    He is very similar to Nix, IMO. Very quick for at 330+ type DT.
  14. cbow44

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    On the recent Cowboy draft show Dane Bruglar mentioned Zack Moore the concordia guy as someone he liked a lot in the late rounds
  15. bodi

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  16. bear34

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    Jamie Meder DT Ashland He looked very good at theNFLPA Bowl
    DT Jamie Meder, Ashland, 6'2” 306
    One of my favorite players in the game, Meder looked good in 1-on-1 drills and kept it up during the game. He got very good push and deflected a pass for an INT on his first series. He whipped Karim Barton and pressured Kenny Guiton into a turnover later in the 1st. You want a clutch play? How about 4th-and-2 in the 2nd, he rag-dolled the center and took fullback Kiero Small down single-handed to get the ball back. Meder added another run stuff in the 3rd and was probably the defensive player of the game. I hope the guys at Rams Park will be busy this week reviewing their Ashland tape, if there is such a thing.

    Jake Metz DE Shippensburg
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  17. DuDa

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    Is it me or does Meder's legs look way to thin for his body?
  18. Alexander

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    Like the player. Has a little bit of J.J. Watt in him. But supposedly there are some major injuries issues, but not sure what exactly they are.

    My sleeper "rushmen":

    Florida DE/OLB Ronald Powell - undersized as can be, but has Bruce Irvin-like qualities.
    Colorado State DE/OLB Shaquil Barrett - strong, but hardly everyone's physical prototype
    Terrence Fede, DE, Marist - too small of a school to draft except very late, but lots of potential

    We just need to load up on players that were productive at getting to the QB, regardless if they "fit" in terms of size. If you have a "wave" concept on the DL, you can get away with undersized players contributing fresh against a tired OL.
  19. Macnalty

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    That is high praise if he is quick as Nix and if so we need to make room on the draft board for this guy.
    Seems like we are going to be short on picks for these guys what with the need for QB(backups) and OLine/RB/WR. I have a hard time envisioning this draft without a QB or two getting drafted. Hard to do without a good trade in the 1st or 2nd rd to gather in a couple of these DLine IMO.
  20. bodi

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    DT Jamie Meder, Ashland, 6'2” 306 - looks good

    that's why we won't draft him or even as UDFA

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