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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by JPostSam, Feb 4, 2006.

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    If Indy can't keep the Edge (see below) and is looking to draft a running back in the first round, wouldn't you offer up the #18 pick for the Colts' #30 and #62? (those two are equal on the draft pick value chart to the 18th pick)

    Report: James says his days with Colts are over news services

    Colts running back Edgerrin James told the Indianapolis Star he believes his playing days in Indianapolis are over.

    Edgerrin James[​IMG]Running Back
    Indianapolis Colts

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    "I don't see nothing happening,'' James told the newspaper Thursday night. "You can read between the lines and from the things I'm hearing, nothing's going to happen.

    "And that's crazy, man. I'm part of the solution, I'm not part of the problem. Crazy, man."

    James is one of four Colts starters that could become unrestricted free agents this year, along with receiver Reggie Wayne, linebacker David Thornton and defensive lineman Raheem Brock.
    Colts general manager Bill Polian has said the team's offseason signing priorities are retaining Wayne and working out a contract extension for defensive end Dwight Freeney.
    If the Colts do lose James, they will have a difficult time replacing him with a player of equal all-around skills, and might have to invest a high-round draft choice in a tailback or perhaps sign a veteran free agent. The former of those two is more likely. The most accomplished reserve tailback on the roster is Dominic Rhodes, but he is hardly in the same class as James, and his talents aren't nearly as diverse.
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    yes I would. They should trade up and get Maroney. Maroney should be better than Edge in the long run anyway.
    Meanwhile, hopefully Carpenter would still be available when we chose and then we'd have two 2nds. Stovall, Jean-Gilles, Moss, Parham, Lawson, Ko Simpson, Slay, Joseph,...would be most of my board for the rest of day 1. Pick 3.
    Or better yet, I take the Colts first next year and their second this year so we can make a run at Quinn.
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    I wouldn't give up 18 for 30 and 62.
    I am not a fan of dropping that many slots in round 1.
    Too mnay guys I really want should come off the board before then.

    I'd do it if they wanted to tip us a 4th rounder for a 6th.

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