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Discussion in 'History Zone' started by Boy's fan in Giant land, Jun 30, 2005.

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    I was just reflecting on our ill fated end to Super Bowl V. Morton's pass to Walt Garrison(?) was picked off & a frickin' ROOKIE pk won the game for the bastids in the final seconds. God, that truly sucked. I wanted to slit my wrists.

    In our all out attempt to block the kick, I seem to remember watching two of our DB's (just guessing here) with a running start, run right up the backs of two of their teamates who were squatting (for lack of a better term) maybe 5 feet apart, a few feet behind the DL in the area where a MLB would play. Just as the kicker's foot connected with the ball, these two guys vaulted into the air, getting their hands probably close to 15' high.

    This was so long ago, I can't really be sure anymore that it really happened.
    Somebody help me out. Thanks!
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    The pass was to Dan Reeves...

    Chuck Howley was on the left...Mel Renfro was on the right...Howley got good height on his jump but Renfro was in a different universe.

    From what I recall, it was Jim O'briens only season as a PK in the NFL.

    And I have the same feelings about that game as you do.

    These last few seasons have been tough on Cowboy fans BUT nothing was tougher than those two losses to Green Bay....the awful playoff losses to an inferior Browns team the next two years...and then this MESS of a Super Bowl vs Baltimore.
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    Thanks a bunch Juke. I was starting to think my alcohol soaked brain was imagining this. (Absolutely AWESOME sig pic by the way!!)

    Yeah, this loss hurt bad. After coming so close against the Pack 2 years in a row and then blowing it BAD to the frickin' Browns of all people the following two years, we were overdue for our 1st Lombardi. It really sucked to lose it in the final seconds when, despite all of our screw ups, lady luck had basically been shining on us all day.
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    Thanks for the sig pic compliment.

    That game was a HORROR...I'm not sure it was the worst loss I ever watched but it was close.
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    but the browns games we weren't even the GB games we should have won both

    and the colts SB so many things went against the boys it wasn't funny
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    Well yeah, that's exactly why the Browns games were so difficult to take.

    We had lost in consecutive seasons to Green Bay. No great shame there although the way the team lost suggested we might have "choked".

    The Browns games were conclusive evidence that we were chokers.

    So, for me, it wasn't how close the other games were that bothered me. It was the losses to a clearly inferior Cleveland team that provided irrefutable evidence that the Cowboys couldn't win the big one.

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    Jim O'Brien played 4 years in the NFL as a WR/K. He played from 1970-72 with the Colts and 1973 with the Lions.

    His career stats are:
    Kicking: FG 60 of 108, 55.6%, XP 109 of 112, 97.3%
    Receiving: 14 for 305 yards & 2 TDs
    Rushing: 3 for 9 yards & 0 TDs
    Playoffs: FG 6 of 14, 42.9%, XP 8 of 9, 88.9%
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    Welllll, I sit corrected.

    Thanks. :)
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    That game is very disturbing to watch or think about. Sickening.

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