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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Wolverine, Oct 11, 2005.

  1. Wolverine

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    If Parcells decided to rest JJ this Sunday and give him the game off to be safe. Tyson Thomson gets the start. What if TT gets like 25 carries and rushes for something like 120+ yards and 2 TD runs.

    This could bring some questions here. TT is alot bigger and stronger then JJ. And he is very fast. From the play time I have seen of TT he does hit the hole very fast.

    Could happen. TT has the talent and power to do it. But it is something to think about.
  2. EndGame

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    This is kind of embarrassing, but I never realized how tall Thompson is. I looked it up and he's listed as 6'1'' and 220 lbs. I thought he was under 6'0''.
  3. Wolverine

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    I have seen him listed between 6'1" and 6'2" and between 220 and 228 lbs. He is big and very strong and also fast. The times I have seen him play I have liked what I saw.

    Where TT can become very dangerous is once he gets past the DL.
  4. Eskimo

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    It's fine by me if Tyson lights it up this week - gives Julius some time to recover.

    I don't think Tyson has what it takes to unseat Julius as the starter. I hope he does become capable of spelling Julius for about 10-15 carries/game as this will keep Julius fresher and more explosive.

    We really haven't been using Julius very effectively so far this year. We should be running more draws and sweeps with him, especially to the right where Rivera and Pettiti are more mobile and Campbell can seal the DE.
  5. JackMagist

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    That is exactly my thought. The Draw play has been Julius' best play all along but we have been using him all wrong this year. The Draw has to be set up with a successful passing attack but we have been trying to establish the run first to go play action. With Julius we need to establish the passing attack to set up the draw plays. It may be backward as far as Parcells preferred formula but the results were undeniable against the Eagles.
  6. Verdict

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    I broached the issue of Tyson Thompson being the number 2 RB (if Julius went down) a couple of weeks ago and I was torched over my query. I guess a couple of weeks can change the board's perspective greatly.

    I am starting to question how good Julius Jones really is. Is he a decent NFL starter, a very good NFL starter, or a true star in the making? Of course I'd love to see him unseat L. Tomlinson as the NFL's premier back, but, so far this year he looks closer to an Eddie George than L. Tomlinson.

    Julius Jones is probably a better overall back than TT right now, but by the end of the year I really could see TT unseating JJ as the starter if he gets the opportunity.
  7. Dale

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    I only wish we could be in position to have two electrifying, young running backs. If we're lucky enough to have a rookie back capable of running for 100 yards behind Julius, then we're truly fortunate.

    I'll worry about the future and which guy to start long after I stop thanking those above for landing us such runners. :)
  8. Martice

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    I don't know guys. We were sitting in "Cody's" sports bar here in Brooklyn, USA and when TT came in and got some runs, even people who were not fans of the Cowboys noticed the speed and power TT ran with. Also, he doesn't seem to want to go down after the first hit as JJ seems to fall quite easily.

    ** I'm not saying that JJ is not a good back but I will say that I really like what I am seeing from TT and if he happens to hit another level that we haven't seen yet, JJ could be in trouble.

    Is that what you were trying to say Wolverine? lol!
  9. Billy Bullocks

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    I'll worry about Thompson starting when he is starting. Until I hear otherwise, JJ is still starting this sunday. I wouldn't read too much into the fact that he didn't play in the second half. We had a huge lead, and BP didn't wnat him to get more banged up than he had too.
  10. Dale

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    My question with Thompson remains what can he do in the open field? He has tremendous speed and is quicker through the hole than Julius. He also showed some toughness against Philly. He just doesn't seem to have much wiggle though, if I had to find a severe criticism of his game. He's fast, no doubt, but doesn't seem to have many moves in the open field.
  11. LeonDixson

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    Well said, Dale. Having both guys capable of putting up 100+ yards would be a blessing. I want the best guy out there most of the time and I don't really care which one it is. TT needs to learn to block and recognize the blitz better, but that should come with time.
  12. Garland powerplay

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    It seems like teams have been keying on #21. This has been good for the pass game. It seems like receivers have been open alot more this year.
  13. Cbz40

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    Agree Dale........I sure would like to see him make a would be tackler miss.
  14. Wolverine

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    I think if JJ should have to sit out a few games TT can make thing real intreresting. TT has some talent.
  15. parcellsguys

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    Guys, calm down on Tyson Thompson.

    Did we already forget him putting on the carpet a few times there at the end of the game. I mean he has some skill, but if Julius is out this week A-Train will be starting for sure.

    Thompson still has a few mental lapses under his belt as far as picking up the blitz too. He is not unseating anyone anytime soon.
  16. dbair1967

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    it could happen, but it wont unless the Giants are just a sieve on defense

    Thompson is fast, but he has no elusiveness whatsoever...he might be bigger but he isnt stronger than JJ either, especially in the lower body

    I just dont get this cult love for players like Thompson...he's a nice 3rd RB and decent kick returner, but the guy isnt the 2nd coming of Eric Dickerson, as some of you seem to think

  17. Double Trouble

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    He's a fast guy who has trouble holding onto the ball and picking up the blitz. To this point, I've seen nothing to indicate he's any more than the next Derrick Lassic, Sherman Williams, or Curvin Richards.

    If JJ is out Sunday it could be a big-time loss. We'll need a good defensive effort to win without him.
  18. Tio

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    Is it just me or didn't thompson average under 4ypc last sunday? Why is he getting all this love for a performance that weould be considered mediocre for a quality starting tailback (see JJ)? People have been complaining when JJ has under 4 ypc, and in JJ's best game, people think thompson can unseat him. Must be because he looks fast and strong...nevermind his vision (an rb's most important trait) leaves much to be desired.
  19. Zman5

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    TT lacks wiggle and most importantly vision. This was evident past few weeks during the kick return where he basically runs into the kicker.
  20. BHendri5

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    I don't know guys, there is something that bothers me about Thompson.

    He has talent, that is obvious, but it is like he is unschooled, he seems to always be in a rush, when at times he needs patience, and I do not really think he reads his blocking very well, he is just trying to get to and thru the hole as fast as he can in hopes of getting to the open field, to outrun every body, (it would seem funny to knock a guy for that) I mean once you get into the open field your goal is to outrun everyone to the endzone.

    But it is the of his run that is what troubles me, because in his hurry to get to the hole he is not really reading his blocking.

    He does not set up his blocking yet nor does he set up a defender to be blocked, and yes he does have to be able to make at least one guy miss, you cannot always run past them. (But I'm not bothered that much about the no wiggle).

    His blocking and picking up the blitze, definitely the way he carries the ball, he always seems to have the ball in the wrong arm when he is running on the sidelines.

    His vision does seem to be not good right now, but that could be because he is always in a rush, and not patient enough, you know if you slow down just a little you can see more things (not Hambrick slow though, LOL).

    Now he has been running in between the tackles better, at least in this past game he did, (and maybe that comes with more opportunities to run the ball, maybe all of the things I'm talking about he will eventually erase with more PT).

    I know back in preseason and the few times before this past game he did not seem to run between the tackles with much power, but he ran better Sunday so more reps the better he gets.

    Now, I want to see how he handles when a defense is just teeing off on him, is the toughness there, or will he start to tip toe, thru the line?

    He needs to hold that ball, that is for sure.

    We have 4 good backs.

    We will see the best of Barber sooner or later, he is a very good, I do not know what is going on with him in practice, but he is a good RB, he has it all a little wiggle, speed, smarts, blocking and receiving, and the patience that a RB needs at times and he knows how to set and read his blocking.

    I know Parcells knows this he has sadi as much, but he has also said that he is very intrigued with the Speed that Thompson has, that homerun speed.

    I believe Parcells is finding out what's what about Thompson, because he already knows what he has with Barber and Thomas, and that is why he is has now come to the conclusion that he does not need Thomas anymore.

    But I am Happy with Our RBs.

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