Sometimes I sit in my cubicle and ponder to myself... what happened to the 2007 team?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Zordon, Nov 15, 2012.

  1. GloryDaysRBack

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    I think about this all the time too.

    The good news is, that team had no chance vs NE in a Super Bowl rematch.

    None whatsoever.
  2. fifaguy

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    i prefer to ponder the possibility of success this year. if the team can get by the browns and skins, and i have some doubts about the latter game, they will be well positioned for a late run at the playoffs, which would be sweet.
  3. JohnsKey19

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    True. But it sure would've been fun to at least be a part of the Super Bowl. Just getting that far would've changed the fans/media perception of the Cowboys and the individual players on the team....
  4. GloryDaysRBack

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    This is absolutely true.
  5. PA Cowboy Fan

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    You're right. That NE team was great. Even the NY Giants didn't have a chance against them.
  6. DallasCowpoke

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    The biggest question I had about that conference championship game is...All season long, Dallas started Julies Jones and used Barber sparingly Then went to Barber in the 2nd half and used Jones less.

    That game inexplicably, they started Barber. I know, it seems like such an innocuous thing, but why in the biggest game of the year, do you make that change?

    It just seemed like one of those, "Hey, I gotta idea on something that'll REALLY throw 'em for a loop" decisions, that ended up backfiring.
  7. JohnsKey19

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    It was a strange game. If you look at the boxscore, it doesn't make sense that we lost that game AT HOME. We only gave up 230 yds, we were 10-16 on 3rd downs, only had the 1 turnover on Romo's last pass attempt. It seems the NYG made a few key plays when they had to and Dallas made too many mistakes - ie. penalties and dropped passes....
  8. GloryDaysRBack

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    If you think that NE team was anything short of great you're foolish.

    Do you have any clue as to how NY won that game?

    Here's a hit. They had a matchup advantage vs NE that we never could have matched.

    Here's another hint for you. Pats barely walked out of the regular season undefeated after week 17 in Ny.

    The pats stomped Dallas in Dallas that year.

    Learn the game. This league is about matchups. There's a reason NY has beaten NE 3x straight and 2x in the SB. They matchup well vs them.

    In 2007-we didn't.
  9. KJJ

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    The 07 team became complacent after beating the 10-1 Packers. Everyone was handing the Cowboys the NFC championship after that game. The Cowboys started thinking about their trip to Cabo after wrapping up the division and the #1 seed. Complacency did that team in they relaxed and went into a slump. While they were daydreaming about Cabo the Giants were getting hot.

    Had Jimmy still been the coach no way does that Cowboys team fade the final month and go one and out in the playoffs. NO WAY would he have allowed his struggling QB who was accounting for more turnovers than TD's to go to Cabo prior to the playoffs. What a stupid team that was. :mad:
  10. Zordon

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    it irks me still to this day man. i'd like our chances in the super bowl vs the patriots.
  11. PA Cowboy Fan

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    I suppose that's why the Giants beat us in the playoffs after we swept them during the season. The Giants got hot at the right time, the same way they did last year. I don't think the Cowboys would have beat the Patriots. Looking back at this team, they weren't tough enough. Nobody knew it then though. I've been following the NFL since the 1970's. I've seen enough.
  12. BraveHeartFan

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    I used to wonder that myself...back at the end of the 2007/2008 season.
  13. PA Cowboy Fan

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    Bingo. That's what happened. The Cowboys pretty much lost focus. They were satisfied with winning the NFC East.
  14. jayhouston12

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    worst part of the 2007 season

    we go on a 12 minute drive and score a td

    giants comeback in less than 2 minutes and score a td to end the half
  15. kojak

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    There are a lot of legitimate reasons I have read through and can't argue with either. But some do forget that both Owens and Glenn wasn't 100 percent for the playoff game against the Giants.

    Owens suffered a high ankle sprain against the Panthers and though I commend him for playing it was obvious he wasn't 100 percent. And why they decided to start Glenn is beyond me. I don't believe he played any during the regular season, maybe a little in the last game against the redskins. They both managed a mere 6 catches between them for 60 yards against the Giants. IMO we would of had a better chance starting Hurd or Austin in that game.
  16. perrykemp

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    The Giants were a team of destiny that year. That's the only conclusion I can come to.

    They beat the Cowboys AT DALLAS.

    They beat the Packers AT LAMBEAU in like -30 degree weather.

    They beat the best team in NFL history not to win the Superbowl and arguably the best regular season team in NFL history in the Patriots.

    All three of those teams beat the Giants earlier that season.

    It's beyond comprehension that the Giants won the SB that year.
  17. KJJ

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    Can't use Glenn not being 100% as an excuse because the Cowboys went 13-3 without him. Starting him in a playoff game when he hadn't played all season proved to be a dumb move as were several of the moves the Cowboys made that day. Although TO wasn't 100% he still produced 4 catches for 49 yards and a TD. The Cowboys were slumping and played not to lose that's what got them beat. They ran Barber ragged until he had nothing left in the second half.

    He had 101 yards in the first half and only 28 yards in the second half. Barber was the most effective second half back in the league and the Cowboys totally drained him in the first half and all it led to was a 14-14 tie. The Giants didn't fear Barber they found out in the first half when he broke off a 36 yard run with nothing but daylight in front of him that he he didn't have the wheels. They knew they could stack the box not having to worry about him making any house calls from 50 yards out. The defense couldn't make critical stops hardly putting Eli under any duress.

    The Giants were on the way up late that season not resting any starters and going all out while the Cowboys were on the way down with their heads still in Cabo from the extra week they had to rest. The Giants start playing their best football when it matters most and the Cowboys don't. It's interesting how the Giants worst month November is the Cowboys best month and the Cowboys worst month December is the Giants best month.
  18. M'Kevon

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    This. Every team NY beat after Atlanta - Dallas, GB and NE - were better teams and had proven so during the regular season. NY did not match up well against any of them. They were on a mission, and overcame whatever was thrown against them.
  19. Tenkamenin

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    2007 team? I was pondering about the 1999 team. If Irvin didn't hurt his neck we were going to win the Super Bowl that year. We had an amazing win against Washington and Irvin was playing as good as ever, him and Rocket were going to be an unstoppable duo.........:bang2:
  20. Blackspider214

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    In the first 11 games or so, you are correct. Our offense was a fine tuned machine. But starting with the Lions game where we barely won, that was a turning point of the season. We completely laid an egg the following week against the Eagles at home. Looked horrible. Then TO got hurt for the rest of the regular season the next week game or so. Then we rested our players for the last game because we had the #1 seed wrapped up. We were all out of sync offensively. Then the bye week and the whole Romo going to Mexico fiasco that blew up.

    Giants were rolling coming into that playoff game. We were not at all. Still should have won but the defense screwed up big time on the 1st drive of the 1st half giving up the 50yd TD on horrible tackling and the last drive of the 1st half giving up that easy TD after taking a lead after a 11-12min drive. Then there was Crayton in the 4th qtr. Never forgave him for that.

    Honestly, looking back, our mojo was kind of shot in that Packers game on Thu night. We had a commanding 24pt lead or so. Knocked Favre out the game. On top of the world. Then Rodgers comes in and brings them back to within 3 and had the ball. And a fortunate PI call on GB on the 1 helped us take a 10pt lead. But leaving that game, didn't feel right even though it was a huge win.

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