Sometimes I sit in my cubicle and ponder to myself... what happened to the 2007 team?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Zordon, Nov 15, 2012.

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    There was nothing opposing quarterbacks and lines could do against the Giants d-line when they got hot, it proved to be to much for every team that got in their way. There is really nothing more valuable to a defense and a team in general when you have 4 monsters rushing the passer that are being kept fresh for four quarters by backups that could have started for other teams.

    Had we somehow gotten passed the Giants, there was no way we would beat New England, the only team that could disrupt Brady like that was the Giants and they did.
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    That's all well and good but you're overlooking one thing.

    Week 17 - Healthy Tom Brady

    Super Bowl - Tom Brady with a high ankle sprain, courtesy of San Diego in the AFC Championship.

    There's your difference maker.
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    I didn't use Glenn as an excuse during the regular season run to 13-3. I said it turned out to be a mistake to start him against the Giants because he was pretty much done career wise. Austin or Hurd would have been a better option. But we don't know who made that call. My guess is it came from the top.

    Can't argue the rest because it's all basically true. The Giants were on a roll and we didn't take them serious.
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    You mentioned some forget that both Owens and Glenn weren't 100 percent for the playoff game against the Giants. I just wanted to make it clear that the Cowboys did just fine that season without Glenn. Against the Giants in the playoffs the Cowboys went against a lot of what made them a 13-3 team during the regular season. They gave Barber and Glenn their first starts and didn't attack down the field. They played right into the hands of the Giants who must have been licking their chops after being dissected by Romo twice during the regular season.

    One of the main reasons the Giants turned it around in 07 was Eli stopped turning the ball over once the playoffs started. He had 27 turnovers during the regular season and only ONE during 3 playoff games and the SB. The game plan the Cowboys had during the playoffs enabled Eli to manage the game never having to take shots down the field. He only had to attempt 18 passes and completed 12 of them for a mere 163 yards.

    In the two regular season games the Cowboys and Romo went on the attack forcing Eli into 75 passing attempts which resulted in 6 sacks and 3 turnovers. The Cowboys were averaging around 32 points for the first 12 games that season then dropped off to around 14 points per game during the final 4 games. The team went from possibly the most explosive offense in franchise history in which Romo was on pace for over 40 TD's to virtually punchless by the time the playoffs arrived. From week 9 of that season until week 14 Romo never had a passer rating lower than 102.1. During that 6 game stretch he tossed 19 TD's compared to 5 ints.

    In the final 3 regular season games and playoff game his passer ratings fell to 22.2, 81.2, 34.9 and 64.7. During that 4 game stretch he tossed only 2 TD's and had 6 int's. There's absolutely no doubt in my mind that Romo's Dec swoon that season and the Giants improving pass rush caused the Cowboys to completely change their game plan against them during the playoffs. Had Romo's game not fallen off the Cowboys would gone right at the Giants the same way they did during the regular season but Garrett didn't trust Romo.

    When Romo goes into a turnover funk Garrett tries reducing his passing attempts and starts focusing more on the running game which results in fewer points. With all the turnovers Romo has had this season we're seeing virtually the same conservative approach by Garrett now and it's resulted in the Cowboys scoring under 20 points in 5 of their 9 games this season.
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    Great summary, I had forgotten about the PI call in GB. I just remember how blase' Wade was after our loss to NE during the regular season. He was a guy that wanted to find the positive in losses and reflect back on prior wins rather than pressure his team for constant improvement. When the team was clearly loosing focus down the stretch, he punted.
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    Watching Rodgers coming in and erase that lead after Favre knocked out -- my thought at the time was he looked like a much better QB than Favre -- even then.
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    Mexico and Jessica Simpson :rolleyes:
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    As soon as Rodgers trotted on the field the Cowboys chalked up the victory and let up. With Favre out they thought they had the game in the bag with a 17 point lead. That was the official starting point of the decline of the 07 team. Prior to Favre going out the Cowboys looked unstoppable but as soon as they knocked him out and saw an inexperienced QB come in they started looking ahead to their trip to Cabo. :beer2:

    Rodgers immediately started cutting up the Cowboys defense that completely lost it's intensity. The Packers cut the lead to 27-24 and it took a PI call late in the game on the Packers to save the game. I remember after the game being pissed because of the lack of killer instinct the Cowboys showed. Instead of going for the kill facing a young QB they let the Packers back in the game.

    I knew after that game trouble was just over the horizon so much so I predicted a Cowboys loss to a bad Detroit team the following week. I just knew the Cowboys were losing their mojo and although they beat Detroit it took a last minute comeback to do it. The loss to Philly the following week confirmed the Cowboys were on the way down at the worst possible time. You could see a one and DONE coming a mile away after the stinker in the season finale at Washington. The Redskins needed that game to make the playoffs and the Cowboys laid down for them. How sweet!

    You can't just take the rest of the season off and expect to flip the switch back on come playoff time. The 07 team was a dumb team that was led by a dumb head coach. Wade showed that season why he could never win CRAP as a head coach. That team could have been special but they became complacent. All Wade did was coddle his players I'm surprised he didn't ask Jerry if he would charter a flight so the entire team could spend the week in Cabo preparing for the Giants doing walkthroughs on the beach.
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    Cabo baby!
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    Seems to me I remember the offense getting wobbly the last four regular season games...without looking it up.
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    Not sure how you can label that team "great" thats a strong word to use for a team that didnt even win a playoff game... Sure they had a good season, but since the game in Detroit late in the season that they pulled out and won, the team never played another good game... That season sure was frustrating.. I had huge expectations for them halfway thru that season...But in my opinion there is NO way you can call that team great...
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    you are correct... Its like they hit a wall and they were never the same...
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    The best part of that season was the anticipation of that Thursday night game vs the Packers.. I believe we were both 10-1.. I remember everyone wanting to watch that game... AFter we beat it was the 1st time in a long time I really thought we may have something this year, but as usual it turned out not to be the
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    I dont think we underestimated them, thats an excuse... The Giants were a better football team then us... IT sucks, but its true....
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    I really thought that 07 team was gonna do something. It seemed like everything lined up for them well then they all of a sudden looked like crap the final 3 or 4 weeks of the season. It was a team that lost focus and thought the way they played in the regular season meant something in the post season. I wish Parcells would have stayed for one more year that team would have not lost focus like that.
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    To say they would not have had a chance is foolish. Anything could happen. Turnovers, injuries, penalties, etc. that's why they play the game.
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    IMO, this was a bad idea. Barber was exhausted by halftime.

    It was ironic. They had been using Barber as a relief pitcher all year and abandon the approach when they made it to the playoffs, one of the very things that made them unstoppable during the regular season. They could beat the pants off folks late in games because Barber was fresh and rested. Instead, they let the Giants wear them down.
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    Gurode injury, iirc, in the Green Bay game, may have had something to do with it as well.

    We had been supernaturally healthy to that point.

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    I remember that day. I had to go to a hvac continuing education class in Austin that afternoon, which is over an hour away from me that lasted til 6, and was worried that I was gonna miss a good chunk of the 1st quarter. Even the instructor said, "I'm gonna hurry this up, we all gotta get home and watch the Cowboys." Rushed home and walked in the door just as the ball was being kicked off.
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    That team was spectacular for the first 10 weeks but the Pats offense started petering out later that season. They were on the way down similar to the Cowboys but didn't fall off nearly as bad. Brady's game had cooled down considerably in the playoffs compared to what it was during the regular season that year. He passed for well over 300 yards in 8 games during the regular season but not once during the playoffs and SB. In the AFC title game vs San Diego Brady had one of his worst games of the season passing for only 209 yards and had 3 int's. His passer rating was 66.4 which was the second lowest passer rating he had all season.

    That wasn't the same NE team that rolled over the Cowboys and everyone else during the first 10 weeks of the 07 season. Up until week 10 that NE team was head and shoulders the most dominant NFL team I had ever seen. That team had a 5 game span from week 6 to week 11 where they scored 48, 49, 52, 24 and 56 points. They looked like they were playing college teams.

    They scored over 30 points in 12 of their 16 regular season games including the first 8 games of the season. NE never scored fewer than 34 points in their first 8 games. Brady's numbers were staggering he tossed 50 TD's that season compared to only 8 int's but he only tossed 5 TD's the last 3 games of the regular season. Like the Cowboys NE was on the way down and the Giants were on the way up. The fewest points NE scored during the regular season was 20 points and they could only manage 14 points in the SB.

    I knew going into that game the Giants had a great chance to win because NE and Brady had clearly come back to earth you could see it in their final 3 regular season games and during the playoffs. During the regular season Brady had 12 games with a passer rating of over 100.0 but only had one game with a passer rating of over 100.0 during the playoffs and SB. In Brady's last 6 games regular season/playoffs of the 07 season he had 4 games with a passer rating of under 100.0.

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