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    let me just start off by saying it usually takes me a week to see the latest episode as I do not have HBO.....just saw the latest episode and here are my impressions:
    Carmela is one lazy biatch....wants all the perks but does not care to work for them
    Meadow is one spoiled BRAT
    Meadows BF- he will either get wacked cause he screws that construction site girl or because he saw that guy Blowing the security guard
    Tony- is deep in it after vouching for his cousin
    Chrissy- might just wack Tony
    that is about it i guess.....
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    No way Vito whacks Finn, Tony would kill him if he found out. I doubt Chris whacks Tony, but somewhere could be possible if he flipped and went rat w/ Ade but who knows all the Sopranos does is throw curveballs at us. And I think Tony's lie about Tony B. leads to a NY/NJ mob war in next season, with plenty of blood shed to come. Maybe with Johnny lovin Peeps so much, maybe he has Sil or somebody close to Tony killed in retaliation, all i know is after last season its GREAT to have an amazing season again

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