News: Sounds like Aikman didn't want Garrett to take interim job

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by dcfanatic, Nov 12, 2010.

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    All week there have been comments from former Cowboys players who have known Jason Garrett for years now. Troy Aikman's comments in this video are the most negative I think I have heard so far as it concerns to Garrett accepting the interim job...


    Sounds like if Jason had called Troy the advice from #8 would have been to turn it down and move on from the Cowboys after this season. Right at the 3:33 mark when Aikman talks about the situation being a set up for failure he's clearly talking about these players not being worth a damn.

    If you read into it then I feel Aikman doesn't think anyone could motivate these guys into playing hard for 60 minutes.

    I guess we will know on Sunday.
  2. cowboyeric8

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    Joe is in love with Troy
  3. Royal Laegotti

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    Aikman said the B-word! WOW!

    Anyway. I worry about these players getting him fired also, couple that with Jerry not giving him enough authority, possibly. Maybe a miracle will happen, who knows.
  4. Royal Laegotti

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    Yep Joe is weird in a fruity sort of way. Not only do I have to listen to him for Cowboys games but I had to listen to him during the World Series, just a bummer.
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    Did you worry about the players getting Phillips fired? :confused:
  6. Chocolate Lab

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    Yeah, Troy, I guess building the resume is more important than helping out the team that made your bud the highest-paid OC in all of football.
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    I can't believe Buck is wearing that hat.

    Oh wait, yes I can.
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    Can understand why Aikman's coming from.

    Don't think someone of you really understand how difficult it will be for Garrett to turn this team around. Remember...

    .....he's taking over a team with 1-7 record in midseason.
    .....he's forced to keep the same coaching staff which Wade or Jerry wanted
    .....the new DC presumably was Jerry's pick
    .....he's never been a HC before
    .....will be running the entire team making him responsible for on both sides of the ball along with ST both in practice & in the game
    .... his pro ball QB probably only comes back in mid Dec
    .... his OL is a disasterr & both RG & RT will be cut when season over
    .....his LG is injuried and 3rd string undrafted rookie LG is starting
    .....his secondary is a disaster
    .... his DL is woefully thin due to injuries of the schedule is mostly filled with legit SB contenders
    team has already been called quiters as soon as Romo went down

    I'd love to see Cowboys beat the Giants in any way they can. But wouldn't beat anything on it. While it could happen, best we probably hope for is the team plays smart/aggressive & tough for the entire game.
  9. casmith07

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    What the hell was that?
  10. Royal Laegotti

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    Pretty much a given at this point.
  11. dmq

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    Sorry, I just couldn't stomach listening to Joe and Troy talking about the Cowboys for 9 minutes.

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