News: Source: Miles Austin will be ready against Eagles

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Nov 27, 2012.

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    half the season he is at 80%. Not worth the money. And frankly getting 1000 yards when you are playing catchup all the time is nothing to brag about
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    He's paid like a guy who's floor should be 1100 and who's ceiling should be closer to the season that earned him his paycheck. 1300+ and 11 TDs.

    There's no way you would pay 50M for a guy who's gonna peak at 1100 yards......which he hasn't even done since that big year. Largely because he's in and out of the lineup and hampered by injuries every single year.

    Not that pay is even the most important factor. It's cap hit that's the real important factor.

    2.7M is his "listed" cap hit. His real cap hit is 7.7M which would be 10th highest in the NFL for WRs according to spotrac.

    As it sits, his actual cap hit next year will be 13.3M which is highest for his position and 300K more than the next player. Of course, expect more salary cap wizardry and chopping of base salaries which will save money but still have him in the Top 10 for his position.

    The team isn't getting matching production because he can't stay healthy. He's a good player when healthy but the once in a blue moon healthy stretches are getting tiresome. Even if he was so dominant when healthy that he was earning every dollar of that paycheck by having elite overal numbers despite missing all the time he does, what good does it do to have a guy who's so unreliable in terms of health that he could sit out any given week of the season?
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    over paid and over here- hopefully
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    I don't want to see him out just yet. Dallas has 5M in cap space eaten next year so getting rid of him just to clear what little space, if any at all, doesn't do anything for me.

    The team needs to seriously start focusing on developing a starter at that position though. Beasley, Harris, somebody needs to be a legit starter or else they have to find one somewhere else.

    Being in limbo every other week regarding his availability isn't a good position to be in.
  5. Bluestang

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    The actual money that has been paid to Austin is $22.053M out of that $54M contract.

    Dallas will only save $3.592M vs the cap for next year if they cut him.

    Considering the moves to restructure Carr, extend Romo, and cut Free saving $3.592M might not be worth it unless you have somebody proven that can take Austin's role as Z receiver and the F (slot).
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    Needs to be ready to do something.:rolleyes:

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