Source tells cwatkins Cowboys probably won't trade Jenkins unless they get value

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Apr 27, 2012.

  1. cowboyjoe

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    @espn_macmahon: Source tells @calvinwatkins that Cowboys probably won't trade Jenkins unless they get significant value.

    Now this is what I was asking Sdogo and trying to get him to see what I was saying about trading jenkins later, first you cant trade players duing the draft because value of picks are sky high, but wait till jenkins shoulder is properly healed. Then, either during preseason or first 4-7 games of regular season let Jenkins show he is fully well. Also what this will allow the cowboys to do is march out 3 top CBS, Carr, Claiborne, Jenkins with Scandrick covering the slot wr, which will most likely allow jenkins to get some big time interceptions after teams refuse to throw at Carr or Claiborne.

    Then, you could probably trade Jenkins for a 2nd, or hopefully a first or 2nd and 4th in 2013. This will give us the best coverage backfield in the NFL, bar no other team will have this kind of talented dbs. Remember now, years ago, the 49ers did this way back, picking 3 dbs in one draft and they went to the superbowl. This coverage by the 3 top cbs and scandrick will also allow more time for our pass rushers to get to the QB.

    Now, spencer has to step up, their will be no more excuses. Will there be a learning curve with young rookie claiborne and carr if he has to switch to a side he hasnt played? Yes! But the benefits in time will allow us to have a shut down secondary, if pool the safety can play.
  2. Kangaroo

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    I said it after we drafted Claiborne as soon as one of the better CB gets lost in the preseason/camp due to injury Jenkins will have more value
  3. Avery

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    Jenkins is not worth trading for what we can get for him. I'd rather rent him for a year vs. giving him away for a 6th round pick.
  4. Arch Stanton

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    Couple execs think the Cowboys could get around a fourth-round pick for Mike Jenkins. Not sure if that'd be worth it for Dallas.
  5. SDogo

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    That will be a haul for Jenkins on draft day. Players just dont carry value at this point in the draft.
  6. Sam I Am

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    Jenkins is worth a whole lot more as CB insurance than he is in trade value.
  7. btcutter

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    Forget trading Jenkins.

    3rd and long. We got 4 good CB's (ok, 3 with 1 ok Scandrick) going to man up and blitz the crap out of you forcing you to get rid of the ball in less than 3 sec.
  8. cowboy_ron

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    You have to also factor in what kind of attitude will Jenkins have this year knowing chances are good that they will not attempt to re-sign him
  9. InmanRoshi

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    Exactly. What he provides as depth for a year is worth more than just selling him off at his lowest of low values.
  10. CATCH17

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    I want a 3rd for Jenkins.

    I'd rather keep him for a year than give him away for a 4th.
  11. BIGDen

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    Amen. We're finally deep there. We do not need to thin it out.
  12. Sasquatch

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    When did VR become so sensible? I would definitely hold on to Jenkins for a while even if the ultimate goal is to move him. His value will only increase as the season draws nears and his injury heals.
  13. SDogo

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    That the least I would accept, not sure they can find a team desperate enough to do it but I bet Dallas would if they did. They could easily get back into the 2nd and possibly still have a 3rd if they do.
  14. StanleySpadowski

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    Wow, that's some hard hitting journalism there.

    A team won't trade a player unless they get value for him?

    That type of thinking is probably going to revolutionize the NFL.
  15. Rynie

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    He'll have to play hard, since he's in a contract year. He's playing for his NEXT contract, even though it won't be the Cowboys giving it to him.
  16. Cowboy Brian

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    Anything less than a 3rd and im not listening. When you consider if we keep him for the year and lose we would get either a 3rd or a 4th rounder in supplemental we are better off renting him for this year.
  17. CCBoy

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    What, trade Jenkins and bring back Ball? No thanks, let change come next season...and naturally.
  18. Kangaroo

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    If they can get the offer or package him in to move up from the fourth to the 2nd round I could see the cowboys doing that trade.
  19. cowboy_ron

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    I have wanted quality over quantity all along..I mean if we could trade back into the 2nd even giving up the late rd picks where we just had a 1st, 2nd and 3rd..if they were all day one starters I would say that was a pretty successful draft...most of the time that's all you can expect out of a full 7 rd draft
  20. big dog cowboy

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