Sources: Sean Payton contract voided...*NFL denies involvement/Payton plans to stay*

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by viman96, Nov 4, 2012.

  1. jnday

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    It won't happen, but it would be the best thing to happen to the Cowboys in years if SP was on the sidelines. There is too much on the job training going on in Dallas right now.
  2. silver

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    Romo & Payton = Peaches & Herb: reunited and it feels so good...
  3. Kilyin

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    NFL is denying this.

  4. slomoxn

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    I remember that too.
  5. cajuncocoa

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  6. MegaMagick

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    Welp, pack it up! Garrett 4 life.
  7. cml750

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    I am willing to give Garrett the HC another year if that is all he does. If is still running the offense next year, I see no point in watching the games. If he could just coach the team (you know handling the discipline, motivation, actually manage the play clock for a change, etc....) he may do an okay job. I like the guy and would give him a chance. If Jerry can't see he is an UTTER and COMPLETE FAILURE at doing double duty(HC / OC), then I give up.
  8. cajuncocoa

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    Anyone who can't deal with Garrett as HC beyond this year and/or next might as well save yourselves some time and jump off the bandwagon now. Garrett will be the Cowboys' HC for as long as Garrett wants to be here. He's the perfect type of coach for Jerry's management style.
  9. MegaMagick

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    At least Wade could manage games properly, let's try out another yes man.
  10. cajuncocoa

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    11/04/12 12:11PM
    Mike Triplett, | The Times-Picayune
  11. Picksix

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    That's debateable. And of course, he couldn't manage his team.
  12. Awakened

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    That's true: Payton has that beautiful facility in N.O. Here, he'd have to lead his team into battle in that dump Cowboys Stadium. Plus, just think of the immense value of the Saints franchise compared to little ole Dallas Cowboys. What are people thinking?
  13. Prossman

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    This is a Guy you just cant pass up on.
  14. Chopzley

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    What does the size of the stadium matter if it doesn't give the home team even the slightest amount of homefield advantage? And value of the franchise....seriously? Lol, last time I checked there was a salary cap, so the Jacksonville freakin jaguars are able to spend the same amount of money as the cowboys in free agency. Payton is a control freak, and is the top dog in Nola. No way he'd give that up to be under Jerry's thumb, regardless if his ex-wife and kids are in the area or not.
  15. perrykemp

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    What the heck does the value of a franchise have to do with coaches OR players making decisions to go to or leave a team?
  16. dallasfan4lizife

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    broken record
  17. WoodysGirl

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    Rowan Kavner ‏@KavnerDC
    Goodell talked on field about Payton: "The one contract was sent into us. We told them what the issue was ...

    and now it’s up to the team and Sean Payton. Until I get something back, it’s up to them.”

    Calvin Watkins ‏@calvinwatkins
    Roger Goodell said its up to the Saints and Sean Payton regarding his status. There were some things he didn't like in the contract.

    Jon Machota ‏@jonmachota
    According to @ProFootballTalk, Saints insist Sean Payton will be back. @SI_PeterKing says if SP leaves, Philly, not Dallas, is the favorite.
  18. MegaMagick

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    Would love to see Sean Payton with McCoy and those weapons in Philly.

    Meanwhile, in Dallas....
  19. notherbob

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    I dout Sean Payton would work as "head coach" for Jerry Jones. Jerry will never let anyone but himself e head coach, all others are just window dressing.

    There's a reason why top coaches won't work for Jerry.
  20. cajuncocoa

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    I don't think the stadium or the value of the franchise would factor into SP's decision. Not having a boss breathing down his neck (as he would have in Dallas) would probably be a pretty big factor. That, and the fact that he has a team waiting for him in NOLA that won a Super Bowl just 3 years ago, along with one of the league's premier QBs.

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