South Park Season 17

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Cowboy Brian, Oct 25, 2013.

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    What talent does she actually have?

    I would argue that Trey Parker and Matt Stone are way more talented than she ever is/was. The social commentary and satirical stuff is far more clever than those guys are given credit for. Yea, they make poop jokes all the time, but that is a far more intelligent show than people give credit for.
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    South Park at face value may be crap jokes, etc, but as Future said, if you don't pick up on the brilliant social/political commentary or theme of each episode, you don't "get " South Park...
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    They also made movies, a musical and were nominated for an Oscar.
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    Scott Tenorman Must Die
    Faith Hilling
    Medicinal Fried Chicken
    Butter's Bottom B**
    ..and loads of others
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    I think medicinal fried chicken is probably my favorite episode of all time, but I think the Obama episode, Faith +1, and the baseball one where Randy fights all the time are great

    Judging by the avatar, I'd say you know cartoons lol Boondocks has some great episodes too. Obama, Kickball, and the Return of Stinkmeaner freaking crack me up.
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    This. So many people completely MISS the social/political commentary aspect of it. It just goes completely over their head. So much of South Park is metaphors and satire.

    YES! Someone else who lists Scott Tenorman Must Die as a top episode. That was one of the best episodes ever lol. TEARS OF UNFATHOMABLE SORROW! YUMMY!
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    The social commentary started around season 6 or so. The last three seasons are entirely social/cultural commentary.

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