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    Mickey Spagnola Columnist
    April 24, 2004, 10:55 p.m. (CST)

    IRVING, Texas - The NFL draft is three rounds old, and still Larry Allen is a Dallas Cowboy.

    At least as of Saturday night.

    The Cowboys eight-time Pro Bowl guard who didn't see eye to eye with head coach Bill Parcells during the 2003 season was not traded before the draft began on Saturday afternoon despite reports circulating around the country. He was not traded during the first day of the draft, either.

    And Cowboys owner Jerry Jones once again cautioned against Allen being traded at any point on Saturday or even after the final four rounds of the draft are completed on Sunday.

    "Our view was, if we were going to look at anything," Jones said of possibly trading Allen for at least a third-round pick, "it would have had to have been before this juncture of the draft. My view is there's been a lot more made of that then there was substance."

    Jones went on to say he has about 4 million new reasons why he would not just give Allen away, or even cut the 10-year veteran who is not taking part in the team's off-season weight and conditioning program out here at The Ranch at the request, according to a source, of the club. Those reasons?

    Jones said he just paid the final $4 million installment of Allen's $12.5 million signing bonus just this past month, saying, a tad playfully, "So I'm pretty proud of Larry." He also said he had a meeting with Allen and his wife on Thursday.

    No doubt Jones would be proud of Allen after paying that kind of money, no matter the differences the club had with Allen, who often complained of injury problems last year but received little sympathy from Parcells. This isn't play money Jones is tossing around, even though the bottom line would be Allen's cost against the Cowboys' salary cap to some.

    "A lot of the incentive we might have had (to trade him) goes away when we get through with the draft," Jones said.

    But he said that at the end of the second round, after the Cowboys had selected Notre Dame running back Julius Jones with their traded-down first pick in the second round and then USC offensive tackle Jacob Rogers - both picks addressing needs on this team.

    But that also was said before the Cowboys used their third-round pick on LSU guard Stephen Peterman, the 83rd pick in the draft. And remember, Jones said the week before the draft the Cowboys needed to finish the first day of the draft with three starters.

    Well, conceivably, Julius Jones could start at running back and Rogers at right tackle. But if Peterman were to start at guard, then that would mean either Allen or Andre Gurode would not be.

    Cowboys head coach Bill Parcells, after the third round was completed, said this was not the proper time to address the Allen situation, and he would not say if the Cowboys envisioned Peterman as a right guard or a left guard. It's no secret the Cowboys were unhappy with the performances of both guards and that they probably would do something to cover themselves should either Allen or Gurode - or both - falter in 2004.

    But then there were reports nationally the Cowboys had an offer from Cleveland to trade Allen for a third-round pick in next year's draft. And now, since the Cowboys were able to address the guard position in the third-round of Saturday's draft, pulling the trigger on that trade at some point might be more feasible.

    Plus, Jones had added this:

    "Our ability to replace Larry goes away after the draft," Jones said, but before the third round was completed. "I don't want to ever be unequivocal about anything . . . . but (trading Allen) was predicated on doing something during the draft or before."

    If the Cowboys were to trade Allen for a draft choice next year, then it would be beneficial now to wait until after June 1, since his cap impact this year would be lessened from $8.2 million if traded before June 1 $5.5 this year and $2.7 million next year if traded after June 1.
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    yeah, i could see trading allen for a pick next year, especially after picking up peterman
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    Dale/Chad, please inform Mickey that the June 1 date doesn't apply to trades. Everything accelerates into this season no matter when we trade him, if we do.
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    Thanks Adam, for clearing that up. You would think that Mickey would get his act together before posting something that is not correct. But again, we are talking about Mickey.................
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    To be honest I didn't know that, and it makes the likelihood of trading Allen much less in my view, with those 8 mil in cap room we could get an extra corner or other vital depth after June 1, possibly a veteran QB like Testaverde, Flutie, or Gannon. I think Allen's pride will cause him to discontinue being a baby in any case. He did start playing better down the stretch last season.

    I would like to see us trade for Mckenzie from Green Bay. He would probably sign a fresh deal with us if we did. That would take some cap room.
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    Allen currently counts $5.5 M against the cap and trading him would only mean that he eats up another $2.5 M or so. This would still leave us $7-8 M under the cap. The money required to sign our rookies will be pretty small because we have no first rounder. Point is we have more money than we know what to do with. If someone becomes unexpectedly available then we can be competitive with anyone in the market.

    My guess is that some of the cap money will be used to pick up any bargains that show up and some of it will be banked forward through a LTBE incentive so that we have some extra cap money to use next year.

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