News: Spagnola: Another Reason Why Sixteen Can Be So Sweet

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    IRVING, TexasTony Romo is a pretty black and white guy when it comes to this game of football. Seems to have very little use for pastels.

    When asked out here on Friday if he was frustrated with the offense of late so early in this 2012 season, he said matter-of-factly, “It’s about winning and losing, that’s what it comes down to, and all the other stuff is about getting better.”

    So when the rest of us were tagging that Cowboys’ 16-10 victory over Tampa Bay this past Sunday at Cowboys Stadium as “ugly,” Romo was smiling, and while not trying to be a contrarian, saying, “It was a beautiful thing.”

    Beautiful because the Cowboys won despite Romo getting sacked four times and harassed in the pocket countless more.

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