News: Spagnola: Intrigue As This Cowboys Offense Unfolds

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by AmberBeer, Jul 19, 2013.

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    I really hope so. Especially if we line up with two, or even three, TE's and a RB. In a no-huddle offense the other team is caught in a quandry and they can't substitute their way out of it. We either get to pass to TE's lined up on linebackers or run with TE's blocking CB's.
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    Spagnola: Intrigue As This Cowboys Offense Unfolds
    Posted 7 hours ago

    [​IMG] Mickey Spagnola Columnist Email


    OXNARD, Calif. – So remember way back when this “more Romo involvement” began, back in March when those very words from Cowboys owner Jerry Jones had everyone scratching their heads and many still?

    At those NFL owners’ meetings when he uttered these very words about Tony Romo: “… where he will have a significant level of input and contribution to the planning and implementing of our offensive approach – both in the meeting room and on the field.”

    The “on the field” seemed to make, at least me, go hmmmm.

    Because it was like, how in the world can Tony Romo be more involved than he already has been in the offense? Why, the guy threw for 4,903 yards in 2012, obviously a career high and Cowboys franchise record since no quarterback other than Romo has passed for more than 4,000 yards in a single season, and now he’s done so four times and in each of the past two years.

    He set the team mark for attempts in a single season in 2012, and if you consider his total offense, he accounted for (passing and running) 82 percent of the team’s offensive production. And for good measure, of the eight rushing touchdowns the Cowboys had last year, Romo owned one. That means Romo directly accounted for 29 of the Cowboys 37 offensive touchdowns.

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    PS: This article from the official site leads to more articles about camp as well.
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    I'm hoping we do a lot of the NE offense where we are snapping the ball before the defense has time to set up. NASCAR offense.
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    NASCAR offense. I like that.
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    At this stage in his career, Romo has a far greater hands-on feel for the ebb and flow of game than he did 3-4 years ago--and much more than Garrett does from the sidelines.

    I think the main thing is that he has that option to fully exploit the defense ina hurry-up mode when the opportunity presents itself.
    The first team that I recall doing this on a random basis and with great success was the Super Bowl Bengals and Boomer Esiason. If it's unscripted, you almost have to have a veteran. Now we see Brady, Peyton, and Brees doing it with much success. Eli would do it if they'd let him. I think Ryan is almost there too, where he can go off-script occasionally.

    Staubach has said many times he wishes that when he got older and wiser, that Landry would have let him do it. It makes sense to take advantage of that coach on the field.

    There may be games they don't use it all, but my guess is it will be employed in no catch-up mode more than all the previous 6 years combined.
    Not saying much, I know.

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