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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Bluefin, Jul 26, 2004.

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    I have no doubt there are other teams out there who are still looking for their franchise or an improvement at QB. But you will notice teams that have the established QB are not the ones who are bringing in QB after QB
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    Obviously, Dallas is still looking for the long term replacement to Troy Aikman.

    But even teams with established starters are still in the hunt for depth behind their annoited.

    The Falcons, for instance, just spent a high third round pick on Virginia quarterback Matt Schaub.

    The Bucs and Raiders have options galore at the position.

    Even when you have an answer at the position, odds are you will have to call on a back-up at some point during the regular season.

    Finding a quarterback with brett Favre's toughness is a once in a decade feat.

    I don't know if Drew Henson will get in the mix this year or not, but the Cowboys are in much better position with Vinny Testaverde on hand.

    At worst, he's a solid back-up who won't cause waves and can step in as relieve if needed. At best, he'll replace Quincy Carter and give the team more reliable quarterbacking this year.
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    I'll agree with you on the falcons but the raiders and bucs I think are looking to replace their current starters. However that still does not change my point that teams that have established QB are not making as many moves as say the Cowboys or what the Ravens are doing. Both of these clubs are teams that are unsure of their starting QB's and are trying to give themselfs options at that position.

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