News: Spagnola: Staff Unrest Precipitated By More Than Record

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by morasp, Jan 20, 2013.

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    Mickey Spagnola Columnist

    IRVING, Texas – You know how we always talk about that fine line existing between winning and losing in the NFL? How a play here, a bounce there, a penalty call on this or not called on that decides the outcome?

    Well, does the same hold true for coaches holding their jobs? For things being either comfortable or uncomfortable these days out here at The Ranch?

    Tell me this: Had the Cowboys finished 9-7, won the NFC East and let’s say lost a first-round playoff game to Seattle, much like Washington did, would the same coaching staff unrest out here still be taking place?

    Or let’s say in that second New York Giants game, Dez Bryant’s fingertips landed in bounds instead of out of the back of the end zone and the Cowboys had won, again finishing 9-7, would Rob Ryan still be the Cowboys defensive coordinator?

    Or how about this: What if Dan Bailey had connected on all four field-goal attempts that windy day in Baltimore instead of barely missing on the game-winner as time expired from 51 yards to beat a Ravens team good enough to advance to Sunday’s AFC title game and the Cowboys finished 9-7, would Skip Peete still be out as running backs coach?

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    yea it would have matter,, to be honest i knew this team wasnt going to the super bowl but it would have been nice to make the playoffs any try. Instead of griping about how we would have lost any ways. This team hasnt made the playoffs since 2009. There is glory in wining your division and having satisifiction that against all the odds this team went through they still made a statement....those division banners are hung in the stadium
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    Obviously Ryan was a "bad seed".
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    Mickey let the cat out of the bag..............Jerry was pissed with no playoffs.

    Garrett better make the playoffs next year or he is done.
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    Did anybody note that he mentioned John Garrett to Tampa Bay? Interesting, because I haven't seen that written anywhere else.
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    That's the company line, yes.
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    Good eye. I scrolled right past that.
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    Spags makes some good points here. I'd add that watching Snyder host a playoff game with a rookie QB, when the Redskins were supposed to finish last, just set Jerry off.

    Snyder stepped back, and is reaping the rewards. Jerry doesn't recognize that, of course.
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    Oh, I think he recognizes it. He just doesn't care.

    People seem to think Jerry is too stupid to realize he's the problem. I don't agree. I think he knows full well he's the issue, he just isn't about to put the good of the team over himself and his ego.

    The Cowboys will win with him pretending to be an NFL GM or they'll go down with him. It's as simple as that.
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    I really think that was a factor. There's kind of a rivalry between Jerry and Snyder. Even in bad years we usually beat the Redskins. This year we lost to them twice.
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    yeah, as has been stated in the forum endlessly, you take money out of Jerry's pocket and he does not take this too kindly. I'm sure he was not delusional enough to think the Boys would win the SB....but I agree that if Garrett does not make the playoffs next year, he'll be in the arena league in 2014.

    Better start catching up on the AFL rulebook, Jason. come to think of it, might be a good stocking stuffer. ;)
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    Could not agree more!!

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