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    Hey guys I leave for my study abroad this Saturday to Seville, Spain for the whole spring semester and was just wondering what kind of tips you world travelers had for me! I want to visit everything that I can in Spain and the rest of Europe so must see/do's are what I'm looking for. And the best forms of cheap travel within Spain and Europe. Thanks!
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    I "heard" you can get a really nice haircut around them parts.

    Enjoy you're trip/s and the experience.
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    If you've never been to europe you'll discover more history in a city block than basically all of the US.
    Since I suppose you're on a students budget my tip would be to save up as much as posible during the week and then splurge with a nice dinner since Spain is a great culinary experience, for example you'll never taste Jabugo like that anywhere else in the world. Always ask the waiter or when possible the chef for what they recommend and go with it, if you're friendly and open they'll probably end up sharing your table and giving you much better pointers than anyone here can.
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    I'd look at train travel. One city not to miss is Barcelona. Barcelona has a metro ala Paris and London to get around. Plenty of city stuff to do along with hanging out on the beach with the "talent". :)
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    I know a lady that was born and raised in Madrid. From the pictures and stories she has told me, it would be my first stop. Their post office looks like a palace. The buildings and streets are amazing. So much history has been preserved which is a bonus to me. I think it has maintained it's true Spainish roots more than some of the other cities.
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    Oh yea...almost forgot. Learn how to use one of these.

    Nooo, don't smoke out of it. You do this --->

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    Spain is a great country. I have been to Madrid and Barcelona. Although a lot of people like Barcelone better, I found Madrid more lovely. Try both of them.

    Paris - Subway will help you get around a lot. Tons of history. Definitely a must. Don't skip it.

    London - Duh.

    Amsterdam - A definite must do. Head to Red Light District. You will thank me later :)

    Brussels - Capital city of European Union. Try to see Mannequin Pis. The pissing kid.

    Trains are abundant. If you are not looking for luxury, they will help you travel around. There are also cheap buses. Try Eurolines. They don't have the best buses and they stop a lot but it is a good cheap alternative.

    If you would like to fly, try Ryanair and easyJet. They are good, cheap flight alternatives.

    Ask specific questions and I will try to answer as a regular Euro visitor.
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    Def. stick to trains and hostels as a student.

    Go to amsterdam.

    Go to Botin in Madrid. Eat in the cave downstairs. It's the world's oldest restaurant, and prices are ok. You can always just get some wine and appetizers. It's more about the experience.

    Barcelona is awesome, and tons of free sites to see.

    Everyone there is super friendly and gorgeous. You'll have a blast, even if you don't travel as much as you'd like.

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