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    Some of the younguns may not have heard this story.:)

    The Dallas Morning News

    Editor's note: This article originally ran in Sports Day on March 12, 1989, in a special section honoring Tom Landry.

    1976-1988: DANNY WHITE

    Tom Landry gave it to him during a nationally televised Monday night game with the Los Angeles Rams at Anaheim in December 1987 after Cowboys security director Larry Wansley gave Landry an urgent message.
    Tom Landry's composure impressed Cowboys quarterback Danny White (11).
    "He handed me the game plan and said, 'Take over,'" White said. "Then he went in the locker room with Larry."

    White had been standing beside Landry on the sideline relaying plays after yielding the starting quarterback's job to Steve Pelluer, caused partially by White's slow recovery from a broken right wrist suffered the previous season. Suddenly, he was in charge but didn't know why.

    "When he came back, I handed him the game plan and said, 'Coach, what's going on?' He pulled me aside and said, 'The police have received a threat on my life. There's supposed to be a sniper in the stands. They wanted me to stay in the locker room, but I persuaded them to let me wear a bullet-proof vest and come back out.'"

    White gulped. He saw that Landry was dead serious.

    "'Don't stand too close to me,' he said. Then he turned back to the field and started watching the game. When he turned to give me the next play, I was about five yards down the sideline," White said. "I kind of waved to him and said, 'Coach, you're going to have to speak up.' Nobody else was near him either because the word travelled fast.

    "He grinned, and I did, too. Then I walked back over to him. 'Coach,' I said, 'you don't have to tell me not to stand close to you. The way this season has gone for me, that sucker's drunk and he's gonna shoot and miss you and hit me.' He chuckled, and we got back to the game."

    It worked out fine. No one fired at Landry, the Cowboys won, 29-21, and everyone flew home happy and relieved.

    White said he will always marvel at Landry's calm that night.

    "If it had been my life that was threatened and I was standing out there in front of 60,000 fruitcakes, knowing someone might have the crosshairs on me, I don't know what I would have done. But it didn't seem to faze him. He went right on calling plays and running the game like there was nothing to it."

    Correction: Jimmy Johnson is the third coach the Dallas Cowboys have had. Danny White once had the job for 10 minutes.
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    I remember watching that game. The Cowboys were out of the playoff race back then but played with a lot of passion in that game. I remember a Cowboy linebacker crushing a Ram WR in that game (can't remember the name). I think the Cowboys knocked the rams out of playoff contention in that game.
    What kind of sick nut would want to hurt Coach Landry....

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    Not quite the same reaction Tony Dorsett had when his life was threatened. Lol. Understandable though.
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    What I've always wondered about this story is where exactly did the cops think the sniper was going to fire from? It seems to me that most of the open spots are easily accessible to the tens of thousands of fans in Texas Stadium. Course, in the late 80's there may have been cricket noises in some of those areas. ;)
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    The game was at Anaheim.
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    I remember that game well. What an awesome story, thanks for posting. My takeaways:

    • Landry was an amazing man
    • Not only was Danny White an underrated QB, he was 1-0 as an offensive coordinator...:D
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    Well, no matter where it was, it's the same situation. A stadium is a stadium. My point is I don't think Landry took it serious. I remember that cheesy Bruce Willis movie where there was a sniper at a football game and he shot the football as it was being thrown. :laugh2: Only in the movies. I don't think for a second Landry actually believed someone was going to find a place to hide in a facility that holds 50,000 plus people, have the training to hit someone from 100 yards out, and all for football. Part of having a great football mind, is a common sense mind too. ;)
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    I hate danny whites he losted to the Deadskins and Dexter Cokehead Manley with his showboat rewteen into the endzones dance!!

    Low light of my childhoods. Cried for days after we lost that. Hate danny white spit on him and wee wee on him two!!

    Don't not mentioning no danny white around me.

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    I was so pissed that anyone would dare threaten TL and was extremely proud to see him on the sidelines composed wearing that flimsy vest that looked like it couldn't have stopped a .22 shot. Just another reminder that he was so much more than just a football coach.
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    ...about the time burmafrd lets you know you're not a REAL COWBOYS FAN if you didn't already know that story?:rolleyes:

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