Special Teams allows a KO return for TD avg. of every 13 years

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Big Country, Sep 19, 2006.

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    Did you all see the KO returns the Cowboys have allowed over the course of their history. Pretty amazing... Although I don't like it when it happens.

    I believe Dallas allowed two in one season, 1966... Pitt and Philly I believe were the teams.

    Then Dallas allowed one in 1979... I remember watching that one. 108 yards vs. StL Cards

    Then Dallas allowed one in 1993... I believe it was vs. the Redskins. Theesman commented on it last night

    Then on Sunday night a 100 yarder by Rock Cartwright...

    Every 13 years aint too bad I guess... :laugh1:
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    I believe the last KO return in 1993 was vs. Green Bay and it was Robert Brooks from 95 yards. We won that game 36-14, however.
  3. Big Country

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    yep, I stand corrected:bow:
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    Things like this are the reason Parcells must go!

    It didn't happen when Campo, Gailey, or Switzer were here.

    But sign on Parcells, who brings in his old players and his type of players, and BAM, KOR for TD from a guy who sounds to be more suited to be a porn star from the Flinstones than a kick returner.

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    Yeah...but on BP's watch.... Mr. Special Teams, Mr.Do-the-small-things.... they could have done it on Campo's watch LOL

    I hear ya though...

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