Special Teams Concerns

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Teague31, Sep 3, 2005.

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    We just cut the best deep snapper in the NFL and replaced him with a rookie. We cut Crowder, perhaps the best ST guy on the squad. We have a kicker who no one seems to like. And oh yeah, our coverage units were terrible the entire pre-season. BP always says ST are 1/3 of the game. If thats the case we better win the other 2/3 cause this one looks bad. To end on a positive note though, McBriar is a stud.
  2. da_boyz_mk

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    i agree....our special teams have been pretty bad this pre-season. i'm hoping that once we get our special team "regulars" in there things will improve. i'm not as worried about cortez as much as some people are but i'm not against bringing in competition either.
  3. JackMagist

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    Crowder wasn't our best ST player. Parcells said several times that he just did not see the ST play that Crowder's rep was built on. He got down quick but missed a bunch of tackles. He really only made one great play and that was the blocked punt. Parcells wants consistency and that doesn't mean consistently missing tackles.

    I'm not as concerned about Cortez as others but I never witnessed him play in SF. But he played for DeHaven there so there must be something to like. But on that note I'm not so impressed with DeHaven; our ST's have sucked since he got here.
  4. JBell523

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    Jack, that's why your not concerned about Cortez... because you didn't see him in SF... dude was as horrible as you can get
  5. NorthDalal

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    Fujita is known as a very good ST player.
  6. Chuck 54

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    Please...how many plays did Crowder make...he was a poor tackler and BP hinted that this was on the way when he was criticizing Crowder's inability to break down and make tackles, preferring to duck his head and leave his feet. We're much better off with guys like Copper who actually make tackles.

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