Speculation: Garrett quietly resisting offensive coordinator hire

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Gryphon, Jan 18, 2013.

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    I don't know if I agree with you. How do we know leading men is what Garrett does best? I haven't seen him do it yet. Actually, I don't really think you can do it as a head coach until you have built a strong reputation based on your abilities and acomplishments. Garrett hasn't proven anything yet and if you take away his biggest gameday responsibility, you also take away his ability to be the teams leader. He will have no repect from the players. Offense is supposed to be his thing. He was hired as the next big offensive genius in the league. Either let him develop into that or decide he is never going to be that and fire him. He is too young to have his offense taken away from him. He either needs to be left alone to do it his way or you move on. There is no way this team will be successful with an OC calling plays for an offense that he doesn't know.
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    Maybe more people need to resist Jerry's wishes and wants.
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    In principle, this also holds a lot of merit. :laugh2:
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    And like it
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    Your idea of objective isn't mine and probably isn't the head coach's. When I look at it objectively I see absolutely no issue with scheme or play calling. I see a fan crutch. A cop out. I see a lack of talent up front to the tune of the worst OL in the league.

    The absolute worst thing we can do is retain a head coach who wants to run his offense and then force him into bringing someone else on the staff to run it for him. It's ridiculous micromanaging nonsense that this team has seen too many times over the last 17 years. It destroys the credibility and authority of the head coach. Setting him up for nothing but failure.

    You either roll with Garrett in charge or you fire him. It's should be as simple as that.
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    6 years calling plays and we haven't produced like we should. We can't blame the oline all the time because we did have a pretty decent line a few years ago. It's time to let go of calling plays. We need change. Either do it or get out
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    We haven't had a quality line in nearly 20 years.
  8. Chocolate Lab

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    I wouldn't stand for this, Jason. I think you should resign immediately.
  9. Risen Star

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    That would be the better alternative than forcing a play caller on him.
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    Good point. I'd normally side with you on this one but I've actually seen Garrett try to call plays and manage a game and he clearly needs help.
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    hopefully this is the next step of his "process"
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    07-08 was a pretty good year iirc. flo, Kyle,gurode,bigg,columbo im just saying.
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    Jason Garrett a leader of men, but really insecure...

    :lmao: :lmao: :lmao:

    See how the Garrett homer's spin this latest news... He's a genius at drawing up plays. Well, he can't handle play-calling duties and just focus on doing what he does best. He should strictly be the HC, because he's a leader of men. Well, he shouldn't be the HC, because he's really insecure. How about Jason as GM?
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    so media puts out a story that "Jones is trying to force Garrett to give up play calling"......then a week later nothing happens, so they put out another story that "Garrett is resisting".....Polease....PFT?.......

    Youve all been sucked.....
  15. Hostile

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    What you probably already realize is that these posters don't care about very much in the way of common sense as long as they can get rid of Garrett, which is not going to happen, and would be a very dumb move.
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    I don't know if he is resisting or not resisting. Don't know if there is any validity at all to the article or if it is pure speculation.

    Don't know if Jerry Jones is even trying to force an OC on him or take away his play calling duties.

    I will say the old saying where there is smoke there is fire comes to mind and we have seen many reports that they have talked about another play caller.

    Will also say that at one press conference Jason basically said there was no need to replace the play calling/oc and after Jerry said something later to say other wise his tune seemed to change over the topic.

    So...Maybe Jerry is trying to get Jason to get a play caller. Maybe Jason is resisting. Maybe Jason has thought about it and sees the benefits of him having a play caller and him being able to fully focus on the whole team.

    Who knows at this point. But it is interesting to watch and I will love it as down the road the truth of the behind the scenes stuff will come out.

    Interesting situation here in a catch 22 kind of way.

    IF Jerry is trying to force a OC on Jason there are two ways to look at it...Jerry having his way and jason giving in aka becoming a puppet coach. OR Jerry being right and Jason being stubborn when he should not be.

    I say this because just because Jerry might have a history of being wrong, it does not mean this decision is actually wrong. It might actually be the best decision even if it does step on the HC's toes.

    Of course Jerry has also admitted he was wrong in the past and interestingly enough one of the things he has admitted to being wrong about or having regret about is Firing Chan Gailey so early. And one of the reasons he fired Chan was because they wanted Chan to quit calling plays and let an OC do it and Chan said no.

    1. So there is two interesting things there...One of trying to force a Play caller on a coach (did with Chan...might be doing so with Jason). Which resulted in Chan getting fired.

    2. Jerry admitting regret and/or being wrong for Firing Chan so early instead of letting him stay longer to see if he could turn the ship around.

    Maybe (and I speak in maybes and ifs as nobody knows the truth of what is going on right now behind the scenes) Jerry is trying to mix both here...Making sure Jason gets another year here to turn it around (instead of getting rid of him) and at the same time trying to force a OC on him.

    Interesting either way.
  17. rickjameschinaclub

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    Funny how the Garrett homers tell us not to believe in speculation, but when it comes to the speculation that Garrett is a genius, a man who commands respect in the lockerroom, is being hampered by Jerry and on and on and on, suddenly there is no speculation, just 'truth'....
  18. Hostile

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    Actually, there is testimony of that, from coaches and players alike.
  19. rickjameschinaclub

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    Yeah, we've been sucked as is evidenced by the fact that John Garrett, Garrett's brother, was just looking for a HC job at Delaware for the sake of it..

    Oh wait, it turns out nobody in the organization could stand him and he was applying for job's elsewhere, because of this...
  20. erod

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    Talk about a flimsy premise.

    It's one thing for you or me to post something here based on our gut and analysis, but if you're supposedly an NBC-backed website, shouldn't you take a little more care in what you present as a report?

    Nary a single quote to that effect.

    Yes, it is reasonable to suspect that Garrett is resistant to bring in just anyone on Jerry's whim. Yes, he does need to protect the structure and culture within the locker room. Yes, he does have legit concerns here.

    Just like any head coach.

    But to present this as some wrestling match behind the scenes without so much as a quote, let alone an eyewitness account, is irresponsible coming from a site that has ways and means beyond your average internet poster.

    Journalism is dead because the internet and Twitter are completely out of control.

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