Speculation: Is Brian Urlacher Heading The Same Way As Marinelli?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Gryphon, Jan 17, 2013.

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    Ware is like 210 in dog years, so he is over the hill.
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    :dissskin: :dissgint: :disseags:
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    He shouldn't start any more and he won't play special teams. Not interested in the slightest. Would rather take a chance on a guy with something left.
  6. Hostile

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    Urlacher may become a coach, but not this year.
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    LOL. You are correct. I did forget to carry the eleven, it is Friday so it has to be eleven. Any other day and you carry the ten or sometimes six.
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    Well I'm always for upgrading the team, and I figure he is still better than Albright/Wilber. If he really wants to come here, I see no reason why we wouldn't bring him in and see if he can win the spot.

    I would only want him at SAM though, leave Carter and Lee alone at their spots.
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    Good idea...in 2007
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    What's with the adding people so close to death?
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    decent chance Sean Lee and Bruce Carter, who are just starting their careers, will be as good or better in the next few years than Urlacher ever was let alone what Urlacher is now. Both have phenomenal athleticism, Carter is clearly a better, faster athlete than Urlacher and really seemed to "get it" this season.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: I am NOT/NOT saying they are better than Urlacher now, just that they both have the potential to be and they are pretty darned incredible now....oh yeah and half the age.
  13. newlander

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    is 30 years old: born in July of 1982.....jokes abound but he is pretty beat up. I think they should look at moving him, but they won't. All the fanboys and lemmings would have to buy new jerseys and would throw a fit. He's good, but has lost a step: if we could get the right package of picks and players for him I'd think about it. I don't look forward to see him pounded into the ground playing end in a 4/3 scheme. He's about 255 lbs and that's pretty light: maybe not in weeks 1-10 but by late November he'll be beat up and hobbled: again.
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    I just hate when a player plays their entire career with a team, becomes the posterboy for said team and then changes uniforms at the very end. I.e. Peyton Manning, most recently, Emmitt Smith, Brett Favre, etc.

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