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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by starfrombirth, Feb 13, 2013.

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    Can you make any kind of a sound argument whatsoever for either of these points? Spencer isn't worth 5.01 million dollars per year? Do you realize how low that number is in today's NFL? Kyle Freaking Orton got 5 million dollars in signing bonus alone on only a 3-year deal.

    And the same with the 4th rounder replacing him. Sure, it's possible -- Jared Allen was a 4th rounder, and Tom Brady was a 6th rounder. But what do you think the odds are?

    Geez. People are free to dislike any player they like, but can't they separate that from how good they've actually proven to be?
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    I agree that Spencer is one of the best 3-4 SOLB's in the league. He is what I call a 3-tool player (run defense, pass-rushing and coverage).

    The problem is that he will not be a SOLB here anymore. He is on the low end size wise for a Strong-Side DE in a Kiffin defense. He is an above average run defender for his size and can probably do a decent job at SDE; however, replacing him as an SDE should be much easier than replacing him as a SOLB.

    You have to consider that keeping him at 8.5M per year or 10.6M on a Franchise tag keeps the team from signing other Free Agents. If a guy like Melton from Chicago hits Free Agency, he is a proven player in Kiffin's system.
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    They extended a first- and third-round pick restricted free agent tender to him because they could as part of the lockout provisions, and then signed him once the new labor agreement was in place
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    This is. Exactly what I'm trying to say. Is he good? Yes, but. Not enough to. Make up for every thing we need vs what it will cost to keep him.
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    Melton is getting tagged or a long term deal. There is no way that Emery will let an explosive inside pass rusher go to the wind when they actually have some cap room.

    I don't see a notable free agent at a position of need for us coming free. I think we can get some lower tier guys like a Brandon Moore.

    If Houston signs Spencer, their defensive front would be absurd. Spencer playing the strong side with all the attention that Watt gets?

    Smith/Crick and Mercilus/ Reed would be plenty good on the other side.

    Personally, I'd cut Miles and Sensabaugh in addition to Free to keep Spencer. Miles is a good player in about 60% of games due to injury and Sensabaugh is not a great scheme fit for the cover 2. Admittedly, I'm not clear if Sensabaugh's salary is guaranteed this year.
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    Just another hole to fill. If we don't resign him, we're stupid. Then again, we are moving to the 4-3, but we were running a 3-4/4-3 hybrid last year.
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    I'm sorry, but this is as short sighted as it gets. It is because we have an older QB, who is gonna all but break the bank here soon, that we cannot resign Spence. Like the OP stated, he is not the piece that will put us over the top to be a championship team. You are right in that hard times are coming. They are coming because we sign these big LAST contracts to older players. If we can start to build a nice young core of players, we will be able to withstand rookie QB's in the future. I like Spencer, but not for the money he is commanding. He would have to sign around a 5 mil a year deal for me to be on board.
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    Anybody know the average NFL salary for a SDE in a 4-3 vs. an SOLB in a 4-3?
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    Tough call? Are you serious? Jay Ratliff is not even the best at his position (DT) on this team. Hatcher has been our best interior linemen for two years now. Not great, but good. If this team lets Spencer walk, they damn sure better have a gameplan in mind for his replacement.
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    Most or all of Ratliff's base salary is guaranteed for 2013.
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    The point is that the team has to compare/contrast Spencer with all other Free Agents. It could be 1 Melton, Levitre, Byrd type FA or multiple Brandon Moore types.

    The fact that the team can use the Franchise tag on Spencer is better than not having the option; however, just because he is their Free Agent does not indicate that he will be a better fit than some other team's Free Agent(s). This seems especially true with the change in defensive schemes.

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