News: Spencer takes over play-calling for the defense, and the pleasure of Rob Ryan's voice

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    -- Carlos Mendez

    Spencer got his first chance to wear the communication helmet last week in the second half against Washington, when Carter went out with a dislocated elbow that put him on the injured reserve list. Carter himself had taken over that job from Sean Lee, who went on injured reserve last month.

    “It went pretty well,” said Spencer, who had two sacks against the Redskins to match his career high for a season, 6.5. “It was louder than I expected. But it went well.”

    What was louder than expected?

    “His voice,” Spencer said, breaking into a smile.

    Rob Ryan’s?

    “Yes. Him in my head was louder than I expected,” Spencer said.

    Everyone laughed in understanding. Ryan is certainly a vocal defensive coordinator.

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