News: Splitting Time? For Now QB Reps Divided Evenly - Nick Eatman

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    Splitting Time? For Now QB Reps Divided Evenly

    Nick Eatman Staff Writer
    June 5, 2004, 7:33 p.m. (CDT)

    IRVING, Texas -- Ask Bill Parcells to describe his current quarterback situation and he gets rather annoyed with the assumption he could have another controversy on his hands.

    Ask newly-signed Vinny Testaverde to describe it, and he gives the company line of "looking forward to competing" and hoping the "best man" will get the job.

    And then you scoot over one locker in the Cowboys' locker room to Quincy Carter, the incumbent starter from last season, and he politely states "competition makes you better" and that he's excited to have an experienced player such as Testaverde by his side.

    So there you have it, after one day of mini-camp here at Valley Ranch. The additions of Testaverde, and even rookie Drew Henson, to go alongside Carter sound like a juicy plot, but no one is taking the bait, so far.

    While it remains rather unclear to the outsiders just how the entire quarterback situation will pan out, it seems somewhat simple to Parcells, who said Saturday before the first practice of the team's three-day mini-camp that he will evaluate his current quarterbacks the same way he always has.

    Parcells said he will divide the practice reps evenly this weekend among the four quarterbacks, which also includes second-year pro Tony Romo.

    "This is how I've always done it," Parcells said. "I'm trying to improve the team at every position. I don't know what opportunities are going to come along. It's as simple as that. I try to do that at every position at every year. It's nothing new. I'm trying to get good players on my team and see if we can't improve it."

    When asked if Carter has earned the starting job, based on his performance last year when he started all 16 games and led the Cowboys to their first playoff appearance since 1999, Parcells refused to bite, saying Carter indeed earned the job last year, but he must start over once again.

    "He earned a starting job here last year," Parcells said of Carter. "He was the best guy at that position last year. That's why I played him. That's what I do every year. If he's the best guy, I'll play them. If he's the best guy this year, he'll play. If he's not, he won't. They all know that. Every player knows it. If you're the best, you play. If not, you won't.

    "He's earned the benefit of the knowledge I now have about him that I didn't know (last year). I know what to expect from him. But I've told you a long time ago, no matter who you are, you still have to show me. You have to prove it. You have to re-prove it and you have to do it every year. It's the way this business is."

    And this year, it appears Carter not only has to prove himself again to Parcells, but beat out a 17-year veteran who doesn't seem content with being a backup.

    Testaverde, with the ink barely dry from signing his one-year contract Thursday, was already in uniform, practicing with the second-team offense in the 7-on-7 and team drills.

    And just as Carter has to prove himself all over again, the same holds for Testaverde, said Parcells, who coached him two seasons with the Jets from 1998-99.

    "Same thing � I have to see if he can still do it," Parcells said of his new 40-year-old quarterback. "How do I know if he can still do the same things? I'm not sure. I know he's very well conditioned. But I know what he can do. He gives us tremendous experience. But I think he'll be a good mentor to all these guys. I know him. He's a very stable guy. He'll interact positively with every guy on the team.

    "I know Vinny is not the long-term future here. He knows that. But he can be a value to this organization, I think."

    Now Testaverde didn't join the Cowboys to be just a mentor and Parcells is aware of that. But if the veteran ends up as the backup, Parcells said his experience coming off the bench could be beneficial.

    "When we had the lead last year, we were 9-0," Parcells said. "When we didn't, we were 1-6. I'd like to have more experience to rely on if we have to. Now I don't know what's going to happen. But I know Vinny has been around and he should be able to help us."

    During his press conference Thursday, Testaverde said not every player coached by Parcells likes him, but "they all respect him." And he said it's easier to compete for a job when he believes the competition will be evaluated fairly.

    "From my experience with Coach Parcells, I know he'll make the right call for this team," said Testaverde, who led the Jets to the 1998 AFC Championship Game under Parcells. "And as a player, that's really all you can ask for. I don't worry about what I'm doing and what anyone else is doing, because it's out of my hands.

    "Really, I just try to be the best quarterback I can be, and if somebody else is better then obviously they deserve to play. But I can't control how good somebody else is going to play. I can only control what I'll be able to do."

    And while one might assume Carter has to be asking himself what he must do to earn the job without having to compete every year, the fourth-year quarterback doesn't seem too fazed about the signing of Testaverde.

    In fact, Carter said a football team can never have enough experienced veterans such as Testaverde.

    "I think he's going to help this football team for us to have someone that we can lean on and use his experience," Carter said. "You always need guys like that. I'm really looking forward to working with a guy who has been around 17 years and I think he's going to help the whole football team.

    "I'm going to go out and continue to make plays for this football team and be the leader that I've always been. It's nothing different for me. I've competed in high school. I competed in college, when I was coming from baseball. It's nothing different for me. I'm excited because competition always makes you better. You have to continue to earn everything from year in and year out. And that's what I'm going to continue to do."

    Carter worked with the first-team unit during Saturday's practice, but it appears Testaverde and Henson, and even Romo, will get similar work during this weekend's mini-camps.

    The odd man out seems to be Chad Hutchinson, who spent the last three months in NFL Europe, but did not play the last two games because of a shoulder injury. Hutchinson was sent to Birmingham, Ala. last week to have the shoulder examined by Dr. James Andrews.

    But when healthy, Hutchinson wasn't overly impressive in his eight starts, leading the Fire to a 3-5 record. He threw just five touchdowns and four interceptions, while completing 60.9 percent of his passes. But his biggest problem was mobility, getting sacked a league-high 25 times.

    "I still think it was a good thing for him to go," Parcells said. "I don't think it worked as well as we all hoped, quite honestly. I certainly want the opportunity to see how he is physically."

    If the Cowboys released Hutchinson, whose base salary of $380,000 is guaranteed this year, he would count nearly $900,000 on the cap this year, and another $1.5 next season. If Hutchinson is traded to another team, the entire $2.4 million would immediately hit the salary cap.

    But the Cowboys are still nearly $10 million under the cap and should have plenty of room to absorb any kind of hit they might take on Hutchinson.

    "I think it'll be difficult to go to training camp with five quarterbacks," Parcells said. "I don't really want to do that. But I have this camp to evaluate and I wouldn't make any decisions until (the mini-camp) is over with."

    And don't expect any other kind of decisions, such as how all the quarterbacks are rated until the Cowboys are a few weeks into training camp.

    According to Parcells, he compares having both Carter and Testaverde nothing more than a little insurance on his golf game.

    "It's just why I keep drivers in my golf bag," Parcells said. "Because if one isn't behaving, I want her to know the other one is right there. So if she gets paranoid, it's OK with me as long as she behaves. If she's behaving real well, I'll put the other one in the trunk. But that's why I keep her there. To let the other one know, she better behave." With that analogy, it's time see if Carter can be on his best behavior. </FONT>
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    Odd man, this Parcells fella.

    Well, I guess that answers that question: who gets the most snaps?

    My new concern is the way the media writes about Vinny. Sure, he said he'd like to have a CHANCE to start, but he never said he would not be satisifed being a backup, or that he would not be happy serving as a mentor to younger players. In fact, he said exaclty the opposite, with the only qualifier being that he would fulfill those roles if he was unable to earn the starting job on merit.
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    I love the driver analogy. Parcells has some great lines sometimes.
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    Looks like Vinny has already won the job and I am sure he is the better QB...We needed an upgrade.
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    that is the sound of hearts breaking all over the carterite world tonight, because even means exactly that, with absolutely the best man coming out on the otherside, with no favoritism to the qball as the carterites predicted, it sure says welcome to Big Bills world of reality, only the best will play..................
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    You guys really need to lighten up with this... obsessing on Carter like this can not be good for the health. I have supported Carter for a long time, I thought it was idiotic to start him over Wright that first year, and even worse to pull him in favor of Hutch the next. He beat out Hutch in a fair competition last year and we will see if he beats out everyone this year. I am not so sure I would bet against him, but Quincy if anyone would only want a fair shot and nothing more.

    Did anyone REALLY expect Bill to tell Woody that he had to prove himself but give Quincy a pass? Quincy has earned the right to come in as starter, but Bill will always play the best guy and everyone knows that.
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    i am making no comment about qball whatsoever, he could still come out the other side on top, but he has not earned any right to be the starter this year without winning it, and that brings me to my point you made for me with that qball has earned the right to come in as the starter line, and it ain't gonna happen, even snaps means no starter till the competition is over, so no matter how much carterites wish he had an advantage it ain't gonna be there,
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    Selective reading is a gift.

    BP stated the snaps would be even throughout this MINI-CAMP.

    He stated every player had to be the best to play. Not exactly earth-shattering. He also noted what Vinny can bring to the team with his interaction. Carter is taking first team snaps right now and he will in camp as well. He is the 1 on the depth chart same as TNew and Roy. All of them will have to outplay their competition to remain the 1.

    By the way, BP has stated Carter has an advantage. He played all 17 games last year and got the team to the playoffs.

    The telling analogy about the clubs should have clued you in. Vinny is here to make sure Carter progresses as planned. Vinny is the insurance club. Carter is the club that is teeing off.
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    So much for QC is the starter as of now.

    I truly believe, whoever plays the best - gets the job, and that is the way it should be.
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    The quarterback that gives us the best chance to win will be our Starter. How many times does Parcells have to say Quincy is the starter and has a leg up? Even reps and open competition is obvious to all. Woodson, Tnew and Allen have to prove themselves as well.

    Competition is good for all today. Lets see what happens when players put on the pads and start hitting............ Chad wilted last TC.

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