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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Gryphon, Dec 11, 2012.

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    Looking Forward to the Pittsburgh Steelers vs. the Dallas Cowboys
    Dec 11th, 2012 at 7:00 am by Greyson Jones

    I guess I better start this weekly staple by saying that should the Seahawks beat the 49ers in two weeks or the Dallas Cowboys lose their game against the Pittsburgh Steelers (baring massive injuries to the Seahawks), there will likely be no more “Looking Forward/News and Notes” articles this year. I explained the scenario’s last week, but basically the Seahawks are unlikley to relinquish the last NFC wilcard spot. They would need to lose two of their next three games, and the Dallas Cowboys would have to still have sweep to beat them. Considering that Seattle plays Buffalo next week and then St. Louis to close out the season, they are highly unlikely to lose either of those games (even if they do lose the middle game to San Francisco).

    The Dallas Cowboys’ opponent this week, the Pittsburgh Steelers, have the best pass defense in the NFL. The Steelers are holding opponents to a paltry 166.7 yards per game through the air, so I’d peg the Cowboys chances of winning this home game at about 20%. If the Cowboys offense has any chance of scoring enough points to win, either QB Tony Romo or RB DeMarco Murray will have to come through in a big way. Given that the Pittsburgh Steelers are a top 5 defense, the chances of any of the Cowboys’ offensive players having a big day is unlikely at best. Some light at the end of the tunnel is the fact that the Steelers pick off less than one pass a game, so a Chicago-style disaster is unlikely. Obviously, the Dallas Cowboys defense needs to step up (they do every week), but against an opposing defense as good as Pittsburgh’s, there is no room for error.

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    By Kevin Jeffers on Dec 11, 8:42a

    The Steelers and Cowboys are two of the NFL's most storied franchises, but it's not history on the minds of either team when they clash Sunday.

    Two of the NFL's most storied franchises will renew a classic rivalry on Sunday, but it won't be history on the minds of the Steelers when they travel to Dallas to play the Cowboys. This season is all either team is worried about, with both teams' playoff hopes hinging on every game left.

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    I really think Dallas is holding this together with super glue and rubber bands.
    I mean, they are playing with guys off the street basically.
    I will not count them out!

    But I fear in one of these games it could all collapse at once on them.
    So, love it while it's rolling but that house of cards could come down at any time.

    :star: :star: :star:
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    Honestly said, given the number of injuries we have, if we finish the season 8-8 or 9-7, it is an accomplishment, imo.

    We just need to allocate resources this off-season to the OL and DL.

    That should be enough to take us over the top and get into the playoffs with a relatively young roster.
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    The steelers corners are beyond terrible.

    Ike Taylor's backup is now injured.

    They are going to run Kennan Lewis and Demarcus vandyke out there.

    Willie colon had surgery and is now out and decastro is going to try and start this week.

    They have all kinds of issues.

    Our pass rush and passing attack can win this game.

    The viewpoint at valley ranch this week should be we are going to win this game.
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    I don't even know why I read that. People get paid to write this crap? Real insight there. I am sorry, but the chargers just beat them. They are a very beatable team. Now I don't think Dallas makes the playoffs, but they are going to fight and not give up. He goes on about the Rams and the Bills, and the Rams, are no walk in the park, and I think they have a good shot at beating seattle. I can see seattle losing to the Niners and the Rams, and I can see Dallas winning 2 of the next 3 or even all 3.
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    lol Id still feel better if Batch were under center.
    Rivers looked like Montana last week against them.
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    All good news.

    Hopefully we can keep it rolling. Nothing would surprise me at this point.
    All of these remaining games as about as winnable as they are losable.

    I said a few weeks ago that I thought all the remaining games would be a big challenge but that if I had to rank them, the game at Cincy had the highest probablity of failure.
    Of course, that was before Claiborne and Bryant got banged up and before Brent had his disaster.

    The issue has never been any single game to me. It's been more about the odds of winning all of them. You won't here me say it can't happen though.
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    I think this is gonna be a tough game for you guys. Simply because the Steelers are coming off getting rolled by the Chargers and are clinging to the 6th seed in the AFC.

    However, its not a game I'd bet money on either way.
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    It mostly comes down to whether or not Romo can stay upright. I fear a boit for his health this week, but at's been the case a lot lately.
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    we just have to outscore them,i think they will be able to put up 30 on us.

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