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    i could live with this

    Mock Draft Last updated 1/4/2006

    The 2006 Mock Draft is updated each Tuesday evening, and the order is based on the teams' current records.

    KEY » *
    1 (1) Texans Reggie Bush* RB USC
    With GM Charley Casserly surviving owner Bob McNair's house cleaning, expect the Texans to attempt to trade this pick to avoid the high cost and high risk associated with a No. 1-overall pick. Casserly, however, must pull the trigger on quarterback David Carr's roster bonus before finalizing a trade. If no NFL team meets the Texans' high price for this pick, Houston will take Bush and trade incumbent running back Domanick Davis.

    2 (2) Saints Matt Leinart QB USC
    Everything will be re-built in New Orleans, and a franchise quarterback will be the foundation. Leinart has the composure and confidence to lead this rebuilding effort, but it will be a challenge for a guy who doesn't know much about losing. Leinart -- a la John Elway in '83 and Eli Manning in '04 -- may attempt to force a trade away from this franchise in chaos; this will be a storyline to watch right up to the April 29 draft day.

    3 (3) Titans D'Brickashaw Ferguson T Va.
    The Titans have a lot of needs, and a young left tackle to protect the quarterback for a decade is a good place to start. Ferguson has long arms, a large frame and great footwork. He is a bit lean at 290 pounds but has plenty of room to fill out.

    4 (4) Jets Jimmy Williams CB Va. Tech
    Williams is the best cornerback in the draft, and the Jets play an attacking defense that requires athletic defensive backs who with good man-to-man skills. Williams could become an elite NFL cornerback within a year or two.

    5 (5) Packers A.J. Hawk OLB Ohio St.
    Green Bay needs to begin rebuilding its defense with the No. 5 pick, and Hawk would bring the talent and leadership skills lacking on that unit.

    6 (6) Raiders Mathias Kiwanuka DE Boston Coll.
    The Raiders lack a defensive identity. Kiwanuka has the size and speed to be a dominant pass rusher and solid two-way end opposite pass-rush specialist Derrick Burgess. (Pick subject to coin flip.)

    7 (7) 49ers DeMeco Ryans OLB Alabama
    Mike Nolan is defense-first coach and will continue to use the 3-4 scheme. Even if the team re-signs outside linebacker Julian Peterson, a potential free agent, the scheme relies heavily on athletic outside linebackers. Ryans fits the Niners' mold and would be a first-year starter if Peterson walks. (Pick subject to coin flip.)

    8 (8) Bills Mario Williams* DE NC State
    The Bills' defense was an enigma in '05. Still, the one thing we do know is they need a dominant end who can rush the passer. Williams, a junior, might be the most complete defensive end in this class.

    9 (9) Lions Chad Greenway OLB Iowa
    The Lions have talent on defense but need a playmaking linebacker. Greenway would bring size, speed, athleticism and attitude to the Lions' underachieving defense.

    10 (10) Cardinals Tye Hill CB Clemson
    The Cardinals must continue to upgrade their secondary. Hill is athletic enough to play man-to-man outside, and that would allow the coaches to be more aggressive with blitzes.

    11 (11) Rams Vernon Davis* TE Maryland
    Davis, a junior, will be the first tight end drafted because of his athleticism and playmaking ability, and the Rams must upgrade at the position.

    12 (12) Browns Rocky McIntosh OLB Miami (FL)
    The key position in coach Romeo Crennel's 3-4 scheme is outside linebacker. McIntosh has the athleticism and speed to contribute as a pass rusher and against the run.

    13 (13) Ravens DeAngelo Williams RB Memphis
    The Ravens' running game disappeared in '05, and you can't win in the AFC North if you can't run the ball effectively. Even if free agent Jamal Lewis re-signs, it certainly will be a short-term deal. Williams would bring toughness required to play in this division.

    14 (14) Eagles Santonio Holmes* WR Ohio St.
    The Eagles, as we all know, are desperate for a playmaking wide receiver. Holmes, a junior, has great speed and solid hands, runs good routes and has a flair for making big plays.

    15 (15) Falcons Michael Huff S Texas
    The Falcons need a safety who can help in run support and protect against downfield passes. Huff had a productive senior season and could be the missing link in Atlanta.

    16 (16) Dolphins Thomas Howard OLB UTEP
    Coach Nick Saban knows his team overachieved in '05, and he doesn't want to regress. He is a defense-first coach, but he needs young talent at linebacker to complete the transition to his preferred 3-4 system.

    17 (17) Vikings Marcedes Lewis TE UCLA
    The Vikings' offense lacks a two-way tight end who can block and attack the deep middle of the field. Lewis has the size, speed and talent to do both.

    18 (18) Cowboys Marcus McNeill T Auburn
    The Cowboys' struggles in '05 were a direct result of the team's inability to protect quarterback Drew Bledsoe. McNeil would be an immediate upgrade at right tackle in pass protection and in the running game.

    19 (19) Chargers Derek Hagan WR Arizona St.
    Hagan is polished and productive. He lacks elite speed but is a good athlete, runs great routes and has good ball skills. He is the type of receiver the Chargers need to complement tight end Antonio Gates.

    20 (20) Chiefs Max Jean-Gilles G Georgia
    The Chiefs should infuse some youth in the interior of their offensive line to ride running back Larry Johnson for the next 6-7 years, and Jean-Gilles is a road-grader.

    21 (21) Patriots Alan Zemaitis CB Penn State
    The Patriots must improve the talent and depth in the secondary. Zemaitis, a physical cornerback, is versatile enough to play safety, too. (Pick subject to playoffs.)

    22 (22) Broncos Tamba Hali DE Penn State
    (from Washington) The Broncos have good quantity along the defensive line but lack quality, especially a pass-rushing end. Hali would be a big-time threat. (Pick subject to playoffs.)

    23 (23) Panthers Laurence Maroney* RB Minnesota
    The Panthers consistently have had backfield injuries and need a durable back to effectively run coordinator Dan Henning's offense. Maroney could fill that leading role as a rookie. (Pick subject to playoffs.)

    24 (24) Buccaneers A.J. Nicholson OLB Florida St.
    Nicholson's stock could fall because of some recent off-field issues that led to him being suspended for the Orange Bowl. That said, the Bucs have shown tolerance for character concerns, and Nicholson would be a good value pick at No. 24. (Pick subject to playoffs.)

    25 (25) Bears D'Qwell Jackson ILB Maryland
    Coach Lovie Smith could put the finishing touches on his version of the 'Tampa 2' defense by plugging in Jackson at outside linebacker. (Pick subject to playoffs.)

    26 (26) Bengals Pat Watkins S Florida St.
    Watkins is exactly what the Bengals need -- a tall, lanky free safety who is strong in pass coverage and makes plays on the ball. (Pick subject to playoffs.)

    27 (27) Giants Rodrique Wright DT Texas
    Wright's size, strength and quickness fit the criteria defensive coordinator Tim Lewis seeks in linemen. (Pick subject to playoffs.)

    28 (28) Steelers Gabe Watson DT Michigan
    Watson has the size and toughness to be a run-stuffing nose tackle in the Steelers' 3-4 scheme. (Pick subject to playoffs.)

    29 (29) Jaguars Kamerion Wimbley DE Florida St.
    The Jaguars' strength already is their defensive line, but the elite defensive tackles would further benefit from Wimbley's pass rush off the edge. Wimbley's stock has dropped some, but he would be a good value at No. 29. (Pick subject to playoffs.)

    30 (30) Seahawks Sinorice Moss WR Miami (FL)
    Moss, whose elite speed and sure hands compensate for his 5-8 frame, would bring big-play ability to the Seahawks' passing game and return units. (Pick subject to playoffs.)

    31 (31) Broncos Claude Wroten DT LSU
    The Broncos would complete their defensive line overhaul with this massive tackle, who is a relentless hustler with great upside. (Pick subject to playoffs.)

    32 (32) Colts Abdul Hodge ILB Iowa
    Hodge fits the height, weight and speed profile coach Tony Dungy prefers at outside linebacker. (Pick subject to playoffs.)
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    I don't see us taking a T in the first round espically a RT now if we took a dominant LT like Winston and moved FA to RT I could see that.
  3. BrAinPaiNt

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    I doubt that Flozell is ever moved to the right side as he has some ear condition where he can not hear well out of one side.
  4. jksmith269

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    I've pointed that out before myself but as was pointed out to me his hearing problem is in his right ear not his left which makes me wonder why he's stayed on the left side? If that is the case and he's not able to play RT then I don't think we draft someone in the first couple rounds. I think we give Rob the offseason and see how he comes along with FA healthy next year I don't think well have the same issues we had this year.

    Me I'd take a LB or S in the first round maybe a big DT

    THUMPER Papa

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    Actually Adams is deaf in his RIGHT ear and always played RT because of that. We moved him to LT since Erik Williams was manning the RT spot and Tuinei had retired. He has stayed there ever since. We should have moved him back to RT a long time ago except that he has done a good job at LT and we haven't had anyone to replace him there yet.
  6. Derinyar

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    I really don't like the idea of a 1st round saftey. If we have the chance to get a top OT in the draft and don't take it I think we could regret it for a while. I like Petiti but I also don't want to pin our hopes next year on him. Some have mentioned that he might not be a bad player to look at moving inward.
  7. JPM

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    I'd be happy with big Mr. McNeil in round 1.
  8. BrAinPaiNt

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    My Mistake on the ear issue.

    But here is the issue....It is normally easier for a OT to play Right Side coming out of the draft compared to the Left Side (unless this is a situation where the QB is Left handed).

    So why would we move Flozelle to another side, when he is a proven player, for a rookie.
  9. marchetta

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    Since the knee injury, Winston is no longer dominant. He's lost a lot of his quickness, aggressiveness, and agility. I wouldn't touch him before the 2nd round (if at all). The only dominant Winston in this draft is Winston Justice (ORT USC). I only watched his boxing workout (GREAT footwork) and the USC vs Texas champ game. I watch every play Justice played and this guy didn't miss a single block. He was never pushed back, or missed an assignment. He consistenty got to the 2nd level when blocking. I don't know anything about the DE across from him, but Justice was the best O-linemen in the game on either team (that includes the overrated Jon Scott OLT Texas). The other OT that I like is McNeil (OLT Auburn). He was really good in Auburn's bowl game. He moved well and rarely missed a block. However, he does have a weight problem, and needs to shed ~15 pounds. Jon Scott is by far the worst of the 3 OTs I've mentioned. He lacks footwork, and was always out of position, or reaching for blocks instead of moving his slow feet and getting in proper position. He reminded me a lot of TorinTucker, in the way he was almost beat each snap. Usually, the DE was just a split second from being able to go around him. The only reason his deficiencies aren't shown is that V.Young is so mobile he can use his feet to get out of trouble. This guy would get an immoble pocket passer killed! He wouldn't be a significant upgrade from Torin Tucker IMO. In fact, Tucker would probably beat him out of the starting job.
  10. MrPhil

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    I would be open to the idea of moving Flozell to the RT spot and let Pettiti (whom I also really like long-term) be groomed to take over for him and be the #1 backup OT until he is ready.

    However, the thought of a rookie, any rookie (yes, even a 1st rounder) protecting Drew's blind side is a bit scary.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    There are several very good OTs in the draft this year. Justice is way down on my list of who to draft. Quality but I don't think he's close to the best. Wasn't really all that impressed with him last night. Solid, nothing more IMO. Faced a lot of 3 man fronts and really didn't play against quality DEs last night. Crowder was basically out last night, Robison was hurt early and Texas was fairly thin at the position to start with. Lots of good talent at OT this year. I would probably take others before Justice. Now, Winston I like a great deal. Who ever mentioned his injury is correct but prior to the injury, he was dominant against very good compatition. In addition, the flexability and explosion from an injury like that generally takes 18 months or so to come back fully. I think Winston is a guy who could slip due to the injury but come back to really perform. Value is what I would hope to see from a player like that.
  12. Hiero

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    So you don't see us taking an RT, but you see us taking an LT and moving our probowler to RT?Why dont we just take the RT in the first place and leave the vet to his real position. mcNeill is a bigtime stud though he is my #1 pick this year.
  13. cowboyskid29

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    no cutler in 1st round

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    The NFL usually drafts LTs and moves them to RT. It happens all the time. Teams normally don't draft RTs out of college and play them at RT. As for moving Adams, well, I have loved this idea since forever. I think he would be a much better player at RT then he is LT. He's also not getting any younger. JMO.
  15. Hiero

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    I can understand the logic there. But if we have a guy available to us in the first, who would be perfect for us at RT I think we gotta take him. Petitti can be a good backup. McNeill will be a probowl guy. he is a dominant run blocker and almost as good at pass blocking, he barely ever gives up sacks. Flozell at LT McNeill at RT would be infinite improvement over tucker and petitti.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    Almost anything would be an improvement over the play of Tucker and Petitti last year but my view, long term, may be a bit different then others. I do think the Petitti has a chance to develope, unlike others. I remember watching the NY Giants a few years back and they had young guys playing the OL. They got the hell beat out of them in there first year but now, they have one of the best OLs out there. They payed the price but it paid off. I think the same thing can happen with Petitti. He has the three most important things needed to be a succesful OL in the NFL. He's intelligent. He has a good work ethic and he has a desire to be better. He wants to be better. I think he will eventually be OK. I think Ferguson is the wild card. Before the injury, that guy was as good a prospect as any of the OTs coming out this year. He was dominating. If he can regain strength, he could prove to be the LT we need. I like McNeil but I like a lot of OTs coming out this year. I think we have an opportunity to move around in the draft and aquire an impact player or move down and position for one next year. Our needs are not overwhelming this year. We have flexability and that is such a great thing to have IMO.
  17. Hiero

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    Petitti is going to have to really get in shape. He lost the weight, but he still looks sluggish and doesnt have the strength. I think he has a future, but if the chance to get a guylike McNeill who i think is special would be too much to pass on.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    Hystorically, BP does not draft OLs in the first. Something to keep in mind. Now, if there is a guy who we rate as can't miss, then OK. We will have to see who falls to us. I, for one, would not get too excited over the idea of McNeill being there at 18. I think there's a very good chance that he could be gone by then.
  19. marchetta

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    To say BP doesn't draft OL in the 1st is a bit of a misnomer. Jordan Gross (OG/OT) & Shaun Andrews (ORT Eagles) are two 1st rd OL that BP was real high on during their respective drafts. If either dropped to us in those 2 drafts they'd have a star on their helmet today. So, don't think that BP wouldn't take an OL if one he likes is available. If McNeil is their when we pick there is no way in he!! that BP doesn't pull the trigger. Teaming McNeil w/ Flo would give us the best set of bookends since Tuinei & Eric Williams. This guy plays tackle w/ the disposition of a LB. He's aggressive and mean. I hate OT that outweigh DE by 75lbs and play soft. This guy uses his size advantage to wear down DEs. Do you remember how EW would bang heads with Strahan. There was nothing soft about EW. By the 4th quarter, Strahan would be wore out! This kid is another EW. Drew Boylhart(thehuddlereport) says McNeil is better than Seattle's Walter Jones, and we all know how good WJ is.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    Perhaps but the truth of the matter is that he didn't. You can say that we will take McNeill but nobody knows what our draft board looks like. At this point, it's all speculation. As I said earlier, the draft is deep at OT. I think that it's a very good possability that we elect to take a guy later rather then in the first round. All depends on how they grade out.

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