Sporting News ranks NFL head coaches - JG 23rd

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by GloryDaysRBack, Jun 12, 2014.

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    He sets up these strawman (is it better to lose to some good teams and some bad teams.....) and then starts saying that you are out of context

    How about we beat bad teams AND good teams?
    How about we don't lose the same way again and again and again?
    How about we actually have a plan and not say, 3 years into a HC s tenure, that it is a process and we will get there in a few more years?

    I bet you that even on the jaguars and bills message boards, there are fans that are saying the exact same things about their team

    Saying that being average and getting beat by ALL above average teams is fine, is unbelievable, but that seems to be Idgit's position
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    I bet they are too. We used to laugh at Redskin fans for thinking that they were going to be great off of what they did in the offseason. It's the regular season that counts and until proven otherwise, we are an 8-8 team that can only beat bad teams.
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    Bottom Line. if Jason Garrett worked for any other owner, he would have been fired by now. the only reason he is not fired is because he is willing to be Jerry's puppet.and Jerry loves his puppet coaches.
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    I think 23rd is generous. No other HC has made the kind of game management errors Garrett has that have directly led to losses. Sure other coaches have made bad decisions, Mike Smith comes to mind, but I'll always forgive aggression over ineptness. I just keep telling myself that one of two things has to happen: Garrett will somehow figure it out OR Jerry will finally move on. Garrett has shown very little improvement so far in regards to game management, I just don't see the huge leap needed coming this year.
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    Players are not stupid, Jason is going in the wrong direction, and everyone knows it.

    Offensive guru to head coach, playcalling removed, restored, removed again (totally this time), multiple coordinators appearing from anywhere and everywhere to help out, and his new position is overseeing, wait for it.. the defense. Oh yes, and he's on the last year of his contract (i know i know he thrives on ambiguity).

    No wonder he spends all of his time with the QB.
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    I'm going to have to direct you to my several previous posts in this thread that make it exceedingly obvious that is *not* what I'm saying at all rather than explaining it yet again, ok?

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