Sporting News (War Room): CB Jimmy Williams' stock in a freefall

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by dwmyers, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. dwmyers

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    The article was discussing the consequences of Jimmy's poor campus workout.

    Excerpt (pay site):

  2. SDogo

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    I thought Jimmy Williams was overrated from day 1. I was always miffed at these people who had him in the top 10 early in the year. At some point he is going to get converted to Safety and someone in the NFL will have blown a 1st round pick on a shut down corner only to end up with a safety.
  3. lkelly

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    One of the biggest red flags to me was when he was tossed from the Gator Bowl (in the first half I think). He shoved a ref or some such nonsense. When interviewed after the game, he said he wanted to "go out with a bang" (or something along those lines) and appeared to be proud of his final game. Sounds like a recipe for disaster.

    Can he make the transition to FS and be a good team player? We'll see.
  4. Clove

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    I could care less about his character, I'd like him here. Move him to FS, and at any point you need him to match up with someone so Roy can blitz, he'll shut them down.
  5. VThokie7

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    That gator bowl ejection was a JOKE. Jimmy was looking back and he barely ran into the ref. And then he got mad after he was thrown out for that nonsense. Jimmy Williams definatyl wasn't proud of being ejected, he put everything he had onto the field every game. People can question him all they want, but effort never was his problem.
  6. CrazyCowboy

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    I agree, being from VA, I am a long time Hokie fan and this kid plays hard during the games.

    He would help the Cowboys......I would like him.
  7. cobra

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    I'd take in the 2nd or 3rd. I don't want to take him at #18 because I want a top-flight OLB there.
  8. Danny White

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    He would be an earth-shattering bargain in the 2nd round!
  9. Charles

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    I hope he falls to the 18th pick. He reminds me of Sean Taylor of the Redskins.

    I'd hope the Cowboys select him if he fell to 18th pick
  10. Clove

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    Actually, Jason Allen in the 2nd is also earth shattering, due to the fact he was penciled in as a 1st rounder last year but stayed in school, and then got hurt this year.
  11. Bobo

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    Give me Allen in the 2nd long as the future prognosis looks good for his hip. Williams looked overrated to me from what I saw of him (as a high 1st rounder).
  12. AmishCowboy

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    Williams reminds you of Sean Taylor?, why did he pull a gun?:laugh2: :laugh1:
  13. ghst187

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    I agree. Jason Allen in the FS I want.

    I've been saying Jimmy Williams was a punk ever since we started talking '06 draft around here.
    Not only is a punk, but I saw him get roasted an awful lot. He's not a great CB. I know he'll try to play CB in the NFL because that's where the money is at, but he will be a failure there and get moved to S.
    I wouldn't touch him in the draft.
  14. Danny White

    Danny White Winter is Coming

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    This seems like a deep year for quality FS. Just our luck!
  15. wahaja

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    Jimmy williams would be a great fit in dallas he is the best DB in the draft this year and if he fell to us at 18 that would be great.
  16. 5mics

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    Early on, it was Michael Huff v.s. Jimmy Williams as the best DBs in the draft. Guess we now know who's the best. Williams probably isn't even in the top 5 now after being exposed during his workout.....Please PASS on him w/ the 18th overall pick Mr. Ireland!
  17. BOYZFAN2259

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    This would be a great pick , he started a FS originally at VA TECH.:starspin
  18. dbair1967

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    ugh...thats all you need to say right there to make me NOT want him...Taylor is a THUG and has been pretty mediocre on the field since he was drafted, especially considering WHERE he was drafted

  19. Cogan

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    So what if he's a THUG. According to most Cowboys' fans on this site, character means squat! Who cares how the guy behaves when he can jump tall buildings at a single bound? Until, of course, the jerk inevitably takes things too far, or lets his teammates down. Then they gripe for a little while about what a creep he was after he gets traded.
    Until the next one comes along, and they conveniently forget what the team ended up paying for the last thug:rolleyes:

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