Sportingnews Draft... They got the Cowboys drafting Marlin Jackson and Ronnie Brown..

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Source, Nov 18, 2004.

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    1 (1) Dolphins Cedric Benson RB Texas
    Benson will fill the hole left by Ricky Williams.
    2 (2) 49ers Andrew Walter QB Arizona St.
    Walter has great size and experience. This should be the franchise's first step toward rebuilding.
    3 (3) Panthers Antrel Rolle CB Miami (FL)
    Rolle has great shutdown skills and will make an immediate impact on a weak secondary.
    4 (4) Raiders Carnell Williams RB Auburn
    Williams has great speed, size and aggressiveness. He will explode out of the backfield and be a solid starter.
    5 (5) Redskins David Pollack DE Georgia
    Pollack is a big, physical and has excellent speed.
    6 (6) Cowboys Marlin Jackson CB Michigan
    With his great speed, Jackson is what the secondary desperately needs -- a shutdown cornerback.
    7 (7) Browns Derrick Johnson OLB Texas
    Johnson combines outstanding athletic skills with great speed and size. He will be dominant.
    8 (8) Cowboys Ronnie Brown RB Auburn
    (from Buffalo) Brown's powerful running style is a perfect fit for Bill Parcells' scheme.
    9 (9) Titans Dan Cody DE Oklahoma
    Cody has great size, speed and pursuit skills. He will fill the hole left by Jevon Kearse.
    10 (10) Buccaneers Alex Barron T Florida St.
    With his size and blocking ability, Barron will create holes for RB Michael Pittman.
    11 (11) Chiefs Kevin Burnett OLB Tennessee
    Burnett is a monster on the field with a nose for the ball and the ability to be in every play.
    12 (12) Saints Shaun Cody DT USC
    The defense needs a player with size and speed in the middle. Cody is the guy.
    13 (13) Bears Mike Williams* WR USC
    Williams will be the go-to receiver this offense craves.
    14 (14) Cardinals Antonio Perkins CB Oklahoma
    Perkins has tremendous quickness and will make an impact on an improving defense.
    15 (15) Bengals Jamaal Brimmer S UNLV
    The secondary struggles against the pass, and Brimmer is the big, playmaking, hard-hitting safety it needs.
    16 (16) Lions Michael Munoz T Tennessee
    With his great size and skills, Munoz could be the best thing for Kevin Jones.
    17 (17) Texans Marcus Spears DE LSU
    Spears is big and strong, and he will add youth and power to the line.
    18 (18) Giants James Butler S Georgia Tech
    (from Giants) A hard-hitting playmaker, Butler is just what the secondary needs.
    19 (19) Seahawks Elton Brown G Va.
    Brown's job: Give Matt Hasselbeck the time and Shaun Alexander the holes.
    20 (20) Rams Corey Webster CB LSU
    Webster provides what the secondary needs: speed, toughness and physical play.
    21 (21) Vikings Antwaun Rogers CB Purdue
    Rodgers gives the secondary a playmaker with nice size.
    22 (22) Packers Kyle Orton QB Purdue
    Orton will learn under Brett Favre; what more could the team want?
    23 (23) Jaguars Matt Roth DE Iowa
    Add a big-time player to the defense? Roth has great pursuit, size and speed.
    24 (24) Jets Donte Nicholson S Oklahoma
    Nicholson is a physical, fast hard-hitting safety -- just what the defense needs.
    25 (25) Ravens Braylon Edwards WR Michigan
    The next piece of the puzzle: Edwards has great speed, height and receiving skills.
    26 (26) Broncos Jonathan Babineaux DT Iowa
    Babineaux is very tough and physical. He fits Mike Shanahan's defense.
    27 (27) Chargers Jammal Brown T Oklahoma
    Brown is big and tough with great run-blocking ability -- perfect to plow the road for LaDainian Tomlinson.
    28 (28) Colts Barrett Ruud ILB Nebraska
    Ruud will add a tough, hard-hitter to the middle of a weak defense.
    29 (29) Falcons Vince Carter C Oklahoma
    Give Michael Vick time, and he will make plays. Carter is perfect for the job.
    30 (30) Eagles Anthony Davis RB Wis.
    A quick, elusive, big-play back, Davis will add an element to a potent offense.
    31 (31) Steelers Anttaj Hawthorne DT Wis.
    Hawthorne has great size, speed and burst. He will add to an already strong defense.
    32 (32) Patriots Mark Clayton WR Oklahoma
    Clayton has great speed and excellent skills.
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    If we get some early picks I would like for the Cowboys to get Mike Williams and D. J Johnson, or Marlin Jackson, Cedric Benson, Vince Young if he comes out, Antrell Rolle, and David Pollack because Marcellus Wiley isn't showing up at all..

    I think that the Cowboys need to trade him and Glover off as a blockbuster deal for like a first round and a adequete player....

    It would be good if Redskins trade for LaRoi Glover and Marcellus Wiley for a 1st Round and Matt Bowen Saftey.. or Ohalente...
  3. Hostile

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    I hate that mock draft with a purple passion. If that happened I would be livid.
  4. gjdeftmv

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    i have to say, that is one F'ed up looking draft
  5. Rocky

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    Of course, mock drafts are an absurd exercise but don't you like Ronnie Brown? I think the guy is every bit the equal of the more heralded Cadillac.
  6. AJM1613

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    Worst mock...Benson #1?
  7. Hostile

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    We had a much better RB sitting there in 2004, traded down and took a RB. Why would I want to waste that pick on a RB in round 1?

    The only RB in the NCAA I would want in the 1st round in 2005 is Adrian Peterson and he won't be eligible.

    Whether I like Brown or not doesn't even factor into it.
  8. Chocolate Lab

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    Has anyone seen this on the Sportingnews site? That mock is so bad, I really wonder if it's real.
  9. DoomsDayD

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    i am sorry but i think defense is our major concern right now and i wouldnt mind going defense with both picks. Wouldnt it be nice to get rolle,johnson or jackson and johnson.I know i am dreaming now.
  10. Waffle

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    Amen! What a joke!

    I'd like to see a link to this "mock draft." It's so ridiculous, I question it's existence.
  11. VoR

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    Vince Young????????????????????????????????????????????
    That's ludicrous.He's not even worthy of being a undrafted free agent.The reason Texas sucked against Oklahoma was Young,their defense was solid.He's one of the worst passers in college football.Oh nm you meant draft him as a running back. :D
  12. VoR

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    Last time I looked Gibbs wasn't dumb.Two thirty year old players for their high #1 and a player. Man that's fantasy land.
  13. Paniolo22

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    What happend to Leinart and Aaron Rodgers? They won't be 1st round picks?!?!?! :confused:
  14. Hostile

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    Mike Williams and Derrick Johnson or Mathias Kiwanuka would be a great draft IMO. In the 2nd grab the best CB, LB, DE, or DT that we can.

    I'm not too interested in Vince Young yet. He's too erratic. I think we might take a young QB on day 2 though.

    I still have a gut feeling we will take Clarett in the 4th if he's there.
  15. Cbz40

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    That Mock draft is absolutely ludicrous.
  16. calicowboy54

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    what kinda crack have you been smoken young sucks and has done nothing at texas while playing QB
  17. Avery

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    If it's that easy to get a job at Sporting News, why did they ignore my application?

    Oh, that's right, I didn't write in crayon.
  18. MichaelWinicki

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    I agree.

    We take a RB in the first round and I'll snap.
  19. AJM1613

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    Do you really think Wiley is worth anything? I wouldn't want him on my team except as a backup because of an injury. If you cut him, I would be surprised if he will be signed until after training camp.

    I am sure the Redskins would trade him for Ohalete though, you know, Because he is a Cardinal.
  20. Chuck 54

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    Don't worry Hostile....two rb's will never go in the top 5...rb's always drop on draft day...they're easy to find and not as valuable as other positions.

    Also, were there any underclassmen in that draft? I didn't see The big DT from TExax, did I??? Rodrique Wright???

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