Sports Radio "The Ticket" stinks

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by FLOMASTER20, Mar 18, 2005.


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    This station is a joke! I have a day off from work today and want to hear some news on the Boys', but, instead there's all these foolish comedy skits playing. What's up w/ this? Someone know where there's some serious sports talk on the net?

  2. BrAinPaiNt

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    Dallas area ESPN station.

    But chances are you will mostly hear stuff about march madness or the baseball steroids issue...then again you will get that on most sports stations.
  3. Skip

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    Yes I have to agree! I don't know how anyone can listen to that junk for very long. Not only is it bad with bad jokes, they repeat the bad jokes about as many time as they can.

    FLOMASTER20 New Member

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    Whenever I have an opportunity to listen I do in hopes of some talk about Dallas. But most of the time it's nonsene. I hope Norm Hitzges still has daily show. The rest of their crew can go.

  5. Kchunda

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    C'mon - they're just being goofy. And we're not in a very heavy Cowboys-news time anyway. Wait till we get closer to the draft, minicamp, etc. Till then, like BrAinPaiNt said, we're all getting NCAAB or baseball. . .

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    True Kchunda....but even when football is upon us there will be more goofy skits than actual sports talk. Unfortunatley, there are really no other competion for these guys. The way I see it is if the guys on this forum can post about the Boys year round, why someone whose paid to talk sports do the same.

  7. BrAinPaiNt

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    Yes norm is still on....I like to listen to him when I get a chance.
  8. Yeagermeister

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    The only times I have ever listened to them is when a press conference is on and they suck at that also.
  9. k19

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    they suck at most everything but they are the only link I have to hoime. ESPN gets blocked behind the firewall here so its the tickets streming player or nothing. Lucky me
  10. WV Cowboy

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    I am to the point that I can't stand to listen to any of those morning talk shows on the radio anymore.

    The canned laughter was funny at first, but after a while it just is annoying.

    Nobody laughs hysterically at every thing mentioned like they do.

    Plus what they find humorous is so "dumbing down."
    Those shows are such a waste of time.
  11. Everlastingxxx

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    This sums it up pretty good.
  12. Yeagermeister

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    Try listening to in the mornings. They are my favorites. I have been listening to them for over 10 yrs...btw it's a classic rock station not sports radio.
  13. jterrell

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    I like Norm then Bob and Dan are at least mildly sports related. The hardline is ignorant of all sports save baseball and the morning guys are basically big kids who want to play school boy pranks on each other and do cheesy imitations.

    The Ticket is a love it or hate it proposition. I do giggle at alot of the junk filler but it also has a tendency to tick you off because the sports is totally forgotten for hours at a time.

    espn 103.3 is a much better choice imho tho they need to stop doing the frigign dan patrick show and hire a local host for that noonish time slot. I do not want to hear the over-eqo'd patrick on my lunch breaks.


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    The Ticket is one of the worse sports talk radio shows in the country , and ive heard alot of them
  15. StoneyBurk

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  16. Mike 1967

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    I also agree that the Morning shows have become a joke.

    I can give them grace for not being Dallas Cowboy fanatics like us.....but at least give us up to date current sports news and commentary on that news.

    These sports jockeys need to understand that we are not interested in details of thier personal lives and we are not interested in stupid skits.

    I live in Austin and I cannot get good sports talk. I like UT...but that is about all you get. It's very frustrating in that you would expect to have at least 1 sports radio personality who was a Die HArd Dallas fan.

    Some here do not like Galloway...but at least you get year round analisys on the Cowboys from him.
  17. dmq

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    Mike and the Maddog on 990 right now, cool!
  18. InmanRoshi

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    The truth of the matter is there is only a small segment of the population who is interested in "diehard" sports talk 24X7, especially in the south, west and midwest. The reason they talk about other things is because they like not going bankrupt. Most sportstalk radio stations do not bring in good numbers.

    Radio sports talk is iterative, unimaginative and boring, and most knowledgable fans know more than the hosts anyway. With the wealth of knowledge of the internet at your fingertips, I don't know why anyone would want to get their sports information from a radio DJ.
  19. The30YardSlant

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    Thanks, Master of the incredibly obvious :D
  20. StoneyBurk

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    I think The Ticket is one of the highest rated sports stations in the country. As a matter of fact their program director Bruce Gilbert was hired by ESPN to be their national prgram director.

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