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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by SDogo, Apr 19, 2012.

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    In the next 48 hours I will have an updated prospect tracker (spreadsheet) available. It will include updated rankings, new format, active link to player profiles and interactive player tracker. Also with the help of "Fredd" a fellow poster here it will include a Combine Metrics breakdown for each prospect that's rather in depth. There will also be a tab for draft resources containing all the links to the most common referred to sites.

    What you will not notice is the Cowboys tab at the bottom, the players we have shown interest in will still be highlighted and in addition you have the option to sort the prospects to only show the players the Cowboys have shown interest in. Because of the format, if a name pops up that needs to be added to this list it can be easily updated by the user.

    If you sent me a request for the first sheet I will automatically send you the updated one, if you wish not to receive it please let me know. Also if you have not received the new one via email by Saturday please let me know.

    If you are just learning of this and would like a copy please send me a PM with your email.

    I will also be posting a link so you can download it at mediafire.

    I did my best with the time I have to consider some of the suggestion we received and already are working on next years trying to implement many of the other suggestions.

    Thanks Everyone! We hope everyone will find this useful on draft day and leading up to it.
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    We are not worthy!!!!
  3. theogt

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    Glad to hear about the combine metrics. I was going to suggest that to you, but felt like an *** knowing it would take an insane amount of work. I used to put those together back in the day.
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    Wow that sounds like an amazing tool for the draft!
  5. SDogo

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    Please anything you have let me know. I wanted to add more for you guys this year but I'm just running out of time. It's a good warm up for next year though!
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    You are the man! Looking forward to the spreadsheet.
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    Thanks for all the work you're doing SDogo. Much appreciated.

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