SR Bowl Practice 1/21

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by LatinMind, Jan 21, 2013.

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    * Zac Dysert looks big and athletic.

    * Some see Mike Glennon as the guy who's going to make the biggest rise in Qbs.

    * Kenjon Barner has a 2nd gear after he catches the ball. Wow

    * Aaron Dobson WR from Marshall just embarrassed CB from Nevada

    * Jordan Poyer and Desmond Trufant CBs making plays today. Good at attacking the ball.

    * Phillip Thomas just got beat bad by Kris Harper WR Kansas ST.

    * People are disappointed in Vaccarro skipping the Sr Bowl when every other top S made it.

    * Okafor schooling Kyle Long around the edge. Big mismatch.

    * Justin Pugh with short arms they say looks like will be switched to guard.

    * Datone Jones Those of you who say doesnt have quickness. Shame on you.

    * Sylvester Williams quick off the ball with Nice moves.

    * Margus Hunt struggling, you can tell he doesnt have any moves. Stumbles when not able to rush in a straight line.

    * Okafor and Fisher having good battles.

    * Cave is 330 all muscle it looks like. Guy doesnt look sloppy, solid muscular. You can tell he lives in the gym.

    * TJ Mcdonald making plays already. INT on Glennon.

    * Kenjon Barner is smaller than than most RBs in the draft but the guy can run between the tackles and break it outside. Just showed this.
  2. RS12

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    *Eric Fisher and Datone Jones would look great in Cowboy uni's
  3. Boys122

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    Can't wait for the game itself to see if any of these prospects playing well in practice do the same in the game.
  4. LatinMind

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    Datone looks big. He is very quick off the ball.
  5. LatinMind

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    Guys i want to see throughout the week

    Zac Dysert
    Tj Mcdonald
    Datone Jones
    Sylvester Williams

    Margus Hunt looks like he's going to be a big project from somebody. I think he got overhyped at the expense of some young fresno state tackles.
  6. IAmLegend

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    Would be a Godsend tbh.

    I'm pretty sure Fisher will be gone when we pick though. He's going to move up now that Matthews and Lewan are returning to school and both the Chargers at 11 and Rams at 16 need an OT bad.
  7. Boys122

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    Fisher is gonna be a LT on the next level. The only way we draft him is if we move Tyron Smith to RT. I like Fisher but I think we go guard or center first.

    Not that I don't want a replacement for Free because I do.
  8. unionjack8

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    Eric Fisher looks the complete part. great hands, good feet, balanced. He'll go top 10.
    Datone Jones looks good in one on ones , who did he go against? I missed the OT he schooled.
  9. LatinMind

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  10. Teague31

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    Glennon has bust written all over him
  11. reddyuta

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    I would stay away from Vacarro ,that guy scares the hell out of me in the first rd.
  12. jterrell

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    Yup. Too inconsistent. Very Ryan Leaf-esque to me. Longish arms and takes a while to get all that arm going but truly can fire bullets.

    Accuracy a question mark at times.
    Threw two picks in the practice sessions they showed on NFLN today.

    Round 4 or 5 guy to me.
  13. jterrell

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    Datone dominated the inside guys and looked good versus everyone but Fisher.

    As you note Fisher is a beast. Looks like he can easily add another 20 pounds and is already nearly unbeatable for these Senior Bowl kids. He looked like he was on skates he slid out so easily.

    I'd love to get Fisher but he should be long gone.

    Hopefully some of the OTs tomorrow for the South show something we can love at 18.

    IMHO Joeckel and Fisher are gone before 18.
  14. Rack Bauer

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    Fisher is the only T I'd take at 18 over Warmack or Cooper.

    He's got future multiple all-pro written all over him.

    That said, we need G/C more than Tackle anyway, but you don't pass on a T that good.
  15. RS12

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  16. Risen Star

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    Sylvester Williams is the best plug and play interior defensive lineman in this draft. Not that it's all about instant impact but he will have a pretty seamless transition to the NFL, IMO.
  17. Risen Star

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    Players who helped themselves today

    1. Lane Johnson, OT, Oklahoma (6062, 302 and 4.95): Johnson immediately stood out during the “mirror” drill, as he looked comfortable sliding side to side while maintaining proper base and a flat back. He was one of the few linemen in the drill that consistently had his hands out in proper position to attack the defender. During the pit drill he was able to absorb bull rushes and use his hands and quick feet to redirect his man. In team drills he was able to thwart a speed rush by Ezekiel Ansah by using his hands to re-establish contact and ride him out of the play.

    2. Ezekiel Ansah, DE, BYU (6050, 275 and 4.70): Ansah was very impressive during one-on-one drill as he not only demonstrated the explosiveness needed to take the edge, but was also able to convert speed to power against Xavier Nixon when he overset the edge. He looked like a quick twitch athlete today as he consistently displayed outstanding first step quickness. In addition, he demonstrated sound recognition skills on a rep during team period, where he was unable to penetrate but got his hand up to bat down a pass.

    3. Leon McFadden, CB, San Diego State (5096, 193 and 4.60): While McFadden’s long speed was rarely tested, he was very impressive today in off and zone coverages. He was quick to diagnose and attack routes and on multiple occasions was able to beat the receiver to the break point. While he was explosive coming forward, his movements were calculated and under control. During the one-on-one period he made a one-handed interception by jumping his man’s out cut from press man.
  18. Risen Star

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    Players who had an up and down first day

    1. Alex Okafor, DE, Texas (6045, 261 and 4.90): Okafor impressed in one-on-ones todaywith his first step quickness. He won his first rep with an inside countermove and his second with speed on the edge. However, when linemen were able to meet him at the edge they were able to tie him up at the POA and he was easily eliminated. He used his hands well to set up pass rush moves, but struggled to consistently shed blocks.

    2. Kyle Long, OT/OG, Oregon (6061, 304 and 5.00): Although Long tended to get upright at the snap; he demonstrated the foot quickness needed to cut off the edge from speed rushers. When he played with good knee bend and leverage, he flashed the ability to anchor and hold the POA. For an offensive lineman, he showed the quicks and speed to easily get to the second level to block LB’s.

    3. John Jenkins, DT, Georgia (6037, 359 and 5.30): Jenkins was a frustrating player to watch today as he at times showed flashes of greatness, but disappointed too often with his inconsistent play. He clearly has the natural strength needed to hold the POA against multiple blockers and can drive pass blocker with a powerful bull rush. Where he struggled was with his motor, as he did not consistently play with a high level of intensity and was repeatedly prodded by Lions’ coaches to finish plays.

    Players who hurt their stock today

    1. Xavier Nixon, OT, Florida (6054, 311 and 5.40): Nixon struggled throughout practice, as he simply did not display the foot quickness needed to play on the edge. His feet audibly sounded heavy during individual drills (The only OL who feet sounded loud) and he often seemed out of breath. He demonstrated limited lateral movement skills and consistently struggled with speed off the edge. He was not able to stay square to his target and got out of control with his upper body movements.

    2. Ryan Swope, WR, Texas A&M (6002, 204 and 4.59): Swope had a terrible day catching the ball as he consistently let the ball get into his body, resulting in five drops over the course of practice. He was able to create separation off free releases with his foot quickness, but did not demonstrate the strength needed to beat the jam. Because he is not an explosive athlete with great deep speed, if he continues to struggle catching the ball this week his stock will likely drop considerably.

    3. Tyler Wilson, QB, Arkansas (6021, 218 and 4.90): Wilson was for the most part sound fundamentally sound today, but he sprayed the ball all over the field and did not demonstrate the consistent accuracy expected out of a first round prospect. He overthrew multiple receivers badly on downfield routes and threw a bad interception during team drills when he failed to read the safety dropping down into the box. Day one of the Senior Bowl is always difficult on QBs as they try to gain chemistry with brand new receivers, so scouts will be paying particular attention to how he progresses throughout the week.
  19. xwalker

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    I did a double-take when I saw 330, but the weigh-in says 305.
  20. Risen Star

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    The best player of Day One
    Of anyone on the field, the guy who had the best practice was Sylvester Williams on North Carolina. He has strong, powerful hands and had a tackle for a loss in nine-on-seven. His combination of quickness and power -- with his hands and his feet -- is really disruptive. He had four or five opportunities -- and although you can't tackle -- to blow up the play in the backfield.

    He is a guy who performed like a first-rounder and if he keeps playing like this, he'll elevate his stock. The way he played today -- he was the best.

    Miscellaneous practice notes
    DL Alex Okafor of Texas did some nice things on the edge. I wonder how explosive he is. He has length and power and he used his hands well, but you'd like to see a little more consistency.

    DL Kawaan Short of Purdue showed some quickness with his hands and feet, and won a few one-on-ones.

    UCLA DL Datone Jones has power and can be explosive, but is a little light and will need to play defensive end or the five-technique.

    DL Margus Hunt from SMU is a freak of nature at 6-8, 277, but raw. He had trouble with counter-punching. A good example is Sylvester Williams, the best one here at that skill.

    At linebacker, UNC's Kevin Reddick and Rutgers' Khaseem Green stood out. They did a good job sticking with the running backs and with their anticipation. Reddick is an enforcer in the run game, good in tight quarters and can blitz.

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