SR Bowl Practice 1/21

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    Offensive line group shines
    This group had me excited. We have Central Michigan's Eric Fisher as a first-rounder and he looked like one. He's an easy mover, especially in one-on-ones. He can shuffle-and-mirror with defensive lineman, moving laterally and latching on. I thought he had good day.

    Syracuse's Justin Pugh has good feet and good balance, and strong inline power. He checked in under 6-foot-5, but has short arms and that brings up some concerns. But he's a guy can play guard or center. I think he could be a good starter in the NFL. I like his instincts and toughness.

    Brian Winters of Kent State is a tough kid and finishes. And Ricky Wagner, the tackle from Wisconsin, did a good job against UConn's Trevardo Williams. Wagner did a nice job of sinking and anchoring and riding defenders past the pocket.

    Oregon's Kyle Long is raw. He needs a lot of work, but he has a lot of tools to work with. He's athletic with natural power and a flexible lower half. He's a step late, it's a little fast for him now, but you have to have patience because he has the talent, but he needs to be molded and worked with. The biggest thing with Long is how has he progressed during the week.

    That's the good, right there.

    Illinois' Hugh Thornton is a tough kid, strong and sort of nasty, but he had trouble with balance and holding up in space. And Braxston Cave from Notre Dame got rocked back a few times.

    But overall this group was impressive. It's one of the better groups I've seen in my six years at the Senior Bowl.
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    Goodman is there isn't he. I'd love to hear something about him.
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    Yeah i dont see how he can weight 330. Either way the guy looks to be in phenominal shape.
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    Hunt looked bad. He has bust written all over him.

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