News: ST: Brandon Carr, Ernie Sims say Cowboys still trying to nail down details on defense

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    Five games into the season, the Cowboys are still trying to nail down the details of the defense, cornerback Brandon Carr said.

    “It’s a bit of a learning curve, trying to learn the ins and outs of this defense,” he said Wednesday at Valley Ranch. “But right now, it’s no more excuses, man. We have enough ballgames under our belt that we should know our assignments on the field, our details.”

    Linebacker Ernie Sims said the same thing Wednesday as he talked about the 51-48 loss to Denver last week.

    “On certain plays, we just didn’t do what we had to do in details,” he said. “We didn’t drop to a certain area of the field – one yard outside of the hash. We didn’t do the details we had to do to beat that team.”

    Carr said it is a disappointment that the momentum from early in the season is gone.

    “You come out the gates clicking on all cylinders and then to hit a lull like we did, right now we’re just trying to find some answers,” he said. “You know, we’re not too far off. We’re not happy with the amount of yards we’re putting up in the secondary as a defense as a whole as far as the passing situation. But those five games are behind us right now.”

    Carr said the tools for improvement are there for the Cowboys, as long as they don’t allow themselves to get discouraged.

    “We have the answers in this locker room,” he said. “Just a matter of everybody getting on the same page and finally figuring out what’s asked of us from the coaches, what’s the expectation level, where we’re supposed to be – just the little details that show up in the game. They may be little, but this game is a game of inches, and those small, minute things can blow up in your face and be big things in the game.”

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    Hope they bought a big bag of nails.
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    The prescription for what ails this defense is to follow the plan and win your individual assignment...get pressure on the QB, make him run in fear and not by design and STICK WITH YOUR MAN in the secondary...hold the redskins under 20 and I feel the defense is doing their respective starts on the DL and getting pressure....I see 30-24 (ish) with the Cowboys winning
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    Dallas 42
    deadskins 21

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