News: ST: Cowboys remain confident in backup QB Kyle Orton despite his struggles Saturday

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    As much as Cowboys fans might want Alex Tanney as the backup to Tony Romo, that role again will go to Kyle Orton. The Cowboys signed the veteran quarterback to a three-year, $10.5 million deal, with $5 million to sign, last year.

    Despite Orton's struggles Saturday against the Cardinals, the Cowboys still have faith in him if something were to happen to Romo.

    "He’s played a lot of good football for us -- both in practice and preseason games and when he had a chance to play last year," Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said, "and we have a lot of confidence in him."

    But Orton made a "couple of bad decisions" against the Cardinals. In three offensive drives, Orton was 4-for-8 for 36 yards with two interceptions and a 22.9 passer rating.

    -- Charean Williams

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    I thought for sure Orton was color blind Saturday. I was actually looking for Holmgren to be spit shinin' the footballs again.
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    Kind of reminds me of 2008 training camp and pre-season: remember all the glowing reports coming from Cowboys coaches and front office regarding Brad Johnson's knowledge and experience even though we all could see how awful he threw the ball every time he took the field that preseason. Sure enough, he failed miserably when Tony got hurt and Brad HAD to play.

    Hope history does not repeat in 2013 with Orton standing in for Johnson.

    Monte Sliger
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    Has he played "a lot of good football" in practice? Granted, I haven't read everything, but I thought the reports have him playing consistently poorly in practice?
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    Of course they do. They paid him a boatload of money, so they have to.
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    I posted something similar at the beginning of camp when all the reports were saying he was stinking the place up.
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    He has looked terrible IMO. Can't make any excuses about reps either as he had all of them in mini camp OTA's.
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    I would take my chances with Tanney.
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    The first pass he threw Thursday for the Silver and Blue Debut, was intercepted for what would have been a pick six. Durant, playing MLB with the second team) read Orton perfectly and caught it in stride. I see Orton as a complacent player who has resigned himself to being a backup and isn't interested in working towards another shot somewhere else. "Say the right things, take the money and take it easy," seems to be his motto.
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    I was definitely surprised when he signed with us to be a mere backup. Thought there were a few other places he would have considered where at the time he had a legit chance for the starting job.
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    Keeping Orton was a sure bet, undrafted rookie QBs don't make good #2 backup QBs in their first year.

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