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    Jason Garrett agrees with the critics about the Cowboys’ lack of running game – both in results and attempts.

    “We have to run the ball more than 16 times in the game, and we have to be able to run it throughout the game,” he said Monday at his press conference at Valley Ranch. “We just simply have to do a better job of that. We didn’t run the ball very well. Sixteen carries for 37 yards for just over 2 yards an attempt is not good enough.”

    But Garrett was short on answers on how to fix it.

    He said it just needs to get better and that the Cowboys want more attempts.

    “Yesterday’s game, we were in some no-huddle situations for different reasons to attack the defense, to handle some of the third-down situations, to handle of the crowd noise, and we simply threw the ball too much in those situations,” he said.

    He acknowledged quarterback Tony Romo’s play calls at the line affected the run-pass balance.

    “In some of the no-huddle situations, he was making those calls,” Garrett said. “Again, we simply have to do a better job simply calling more runs and having more balance.”

    Garrett said running back DeMarco Murray and the other offensive positions are responsible for making the ground game work.

    “Not just the offensive line, but the tight end and the receivers getting involved blocking the secondary assignments,” Garrett said. “Certainly the runner has a lot to do with the success of the running game, seeing the holes, getting comfortable in the running game, seeing what the defense is trying to do and finding the softness in the defense.”

    The Cowboys ranked 25th in rush yards before the Monday night game between the Bengals and Steelers. Last year, the Cowboys finished 31st in the league in rushing.

    Asked about adding a fullback, Garrett said, “There aren’t that many fullbacks available that we think can upgrade our football team right now. We don’t think it’s really the most prominent issue. We just have to execute better.”

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