News: ST: Gavin Escobar trying to build on what he did in Week 17

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by NewsBot, Jun 18, 2014.

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    Someone please introduce Mr. Escobar to the CZ. He is in for a shock.
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    New play caller that likes tall receivers and an experienced TEs coach I look for a big jump in production this year for Escobar.
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    Don't do that, he'll want to retire after reading the comments.
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    I created a thread about 2 months ago asking where people think we'd be playing Escobar this year. I predicted we'd see him more in a Jimmy Graham role and line up at receiver a lot. Just because we invested too much in him to sit him behind Witten and not use him. It looks like I was right. They've been getting creative with the alignments lately. Cole on the outside, Dez in the slot, and Escobar at WR. I like it a lot. As good as our passing game has been in recent years, we did tend to get pretty predictable. I'm excited to see what our offense can do this year.
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    He is a matchup nightmare for sure but I am cautious about his use because there are only so many snaps in a game. If we run more this year it will be even less snaps. We know Dez, Witten, and Murray will get their touches so I hope when his number is called that he makes the most of his opportunities.
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    most players have big strides from year one to year two. i know many bashed the pick but the guy can get open and catch the ball. all he needed was to add strength and learn the technical side of blocking. if you can't block it's hard to see the field a whole lot as a te. i think he can be a nice weapon in the red zone and hanna can stretch the field between the 20's. i think they both have a way to help the team but escobar has a huge upside as he earns to block better, get stronger and learns form the master of using his body to get open
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    Every year we hear about the "match up nightmares," and every year it never materializes. Maybe a new Offensive coordinator will do the trick this year.
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    It seems that Linehan is going to try to exploit match-ups. Escobar might play a lot against some teams and not as much against others. A team that is good at defending Cole Beasley might not be good at defending Escobar. If a defense manages to match-up with those two, then he'll try Dunbar, or Street as that 5th skill position player.
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    I agree with you and with the selflessness coming from Murray and the other RKGs it should prove to be a special offensive season.

    Also, this is the first time in a while that I am not concerned about our OL, gone are the dark days of having scrubs protect our prized QB.
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    Escobar weighs about the same, but the former San Diego State standout’s strength has improved.

    As an example, his single-leg squats on the Smith Machine have gone from 245 pounds to 295 pounds.

    “He’s had a really good off-season,” Garrett said. “He’s worked really hard. He’s put on a little bit of weight, and he just looks like he’s stronger, a more mature guy. That happens when you come into an NFL program, and it’s what you do each and every day throughout the year.

    “… Escobar has really embraced the opportunity, and I think it’s benefiting him. He’s getting stronger, a tick more explosive on the field, both as a route runner and also when he’s blocking. So that’s certainly going to help him, but he has a long way to go in that area.”

    New tight ends coach Mike Pope has his tight ends working on a 350-pound, one-man blocking sled that simulates one-on-one blocking against defensive ends. The tight ends have nicknamed the sled some not-so-nice names.

    Read more here:
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    This will be, as many other players to watch and their improvement and development. Escobar, Twill, just about the entire Defense, even more improved OL.

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