News: ST: Jerry Jones on the Tampa 2: Nothing about this year has discouraged us from this system

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    The Cowboys rank 31st in total defense. The 367 first downs they have allowed has set a team record already as have the 6,279 total yards allowed and 4,360 passing yards allowed.

    Statistically, they are the worst defense in team history and among the worst in NFL history.

    Yet, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones still is convinced the Cowboys did the right thing in switching to the Tampa 2 from the 3-4 before this season.

    "I am. This is the system we want to be in going forward," Jones told the Star-Telegram. "Nothing about this year has discouraged us from this system."

    Jones would not address the future of defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin or any of his coaches, because he said the Cowboys are not looking beyond this week.

    He believes the Cowboys defense has gotten better and will play well Sunday. They had their best effort of the season on Oct. 20 against the Eagles, holding Philadelphia to three points and 278 yards as Nick Foles completed only 11 of 29 passes for 80 yards before leaving with a concussion.

    "I like where we are this week, what we’re doing in our game plan, and in my mind we’re a better defense," Jones said. "We’re going to have our personnel that's going to be on the field have more repetitions [than they have had]."

    DeVonte Holloman is expected to start at middle linebacker in place of Sean Lee.

    -- Charean Williams

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    dear lord, make it stop

    my sides are hurting from laughing so hard
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    Of course not. Everyone knows Jerry doesn't make changes until the second year just like Rob Ryan. Another wasted year but since we're sticking with Garrett, it doesn't make much difference.
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    *sigh*. He just continues to say stupid things.
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    What is he supposed to say?

    "Yeah, we've got a big game, but it doesn't really matter b/c we are going to bail on this defense as soon as we lose this year?"

    My God, some people go over the top to call Jerry an idiot.
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    He could simply say, "no comment, we will address it in the off-season, just like the offense."
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    He can't help himself he wants to sound football smart in the worst way!
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    You guys say that because you have no idea what Kiffin wants to run. He's not talking about the Tampa 2 as in years ago but what it has become over the years morphing and evolving into a system like Seattle runs.

    All you know is the defense sucks, which is true, so you say Kiffin is too old or he sucks yada. You have no idea what they want to do. I'm fine with the system IF that is what they are trying to do (and Kiffin said he wanted to do some of the things Seattle does); they just need to get the people back to play and add some more talent. They have to have a guy like Lee, a proper DL, corners who can cover and tackle without getting hurt too often and at least one safety with a lot of range who can hit and tackle. That's not an impossible bill to fill.
  9. BoysFan4ever

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    That's exactly it. Except he just ends up sounding ridiculous.
  10. jobberone

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    Tampa 2, Monte Kiffin Has Moved On
    By Dave Halprin@BloggingTheBoys on Oct 21 2013, 5:00p 94

    Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports
    When Monte Kiffin arrived as the Cowboys defensive coordinator, we expected a certain scheme. But that's not what we're seeing now.

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    It's been remarked on by some pretty smart people already since the Cowboys 2013 season has actually gotten underway - Dallas isn't really playing Monte Kiffin's classic Tampa-2. In fact, over the last few weeks they have moved far from those rigid concepts.

    One caveat: I couldn't see the All-22 film yet, so these observations were based on the broadcast of the game. But I think they'll hold true when the All-22 comes out.

    One of the things Dallas did in the Eagles game was basically abandon playing three linebackers and went with nickel personnel for almost the entire game. Sean Lee played on 80 defensive snaps or 100% of the total, and Bruce Carter played on 72 snaps, that's 90%. Next up was Ernie Sims who played on 8 snaps (10%) and many of those were late in the fourth quarter. Justin Durant played a total of three defensive snaps. The Cowboys made nickel personnel their base. Brandon Carr played on 100% of the defensive snaps, Orlando Scandrick was in on 99% and Mo Claiborne played on 96%.

    But, they didn't abandon seven men in the box. They rotated Barry Church and J.J. Wilcox as pseudo-linebackers, lining up within five yards of the line of scrimmage on a large number of plays. Their presence in the box and sure-tackling was one of the keys that allowed the Cowboys to run nickel personnel as a base without being run out of the stadium by LeSean McCoy.

    In the secondary, the Cowboys played a lot of Cover 1 (single safety high) while playing man-to-man, and occasionally zone, underneath it. Dallas put their corners in plenty of press coverage and left them to shut down the Philly receivers in man-to-man. This had the added benefit of letting them set the edge on running plays close to the line instead of having to come up and fight through traffic. It was also key to shutting down the bubble screens and vertical passing game the Eagles use to usually good effect.

    The only time I saw the Cowboys play a lot of Cover 2 was in the red zone. Outside of that, it was a ton of man-to-man in press coverage mixed with occasional zone coverage, almost all of it backed by a single high safety.

    Since then things have had to change. I have no idea what the heck he's running as I haven't looked at it and TBH I don't want to see it most days lately. There have been so many injuries they are just trying to hang on.

    I have zero idea if Garrett is the guy or Kiffin and his system is the answer to everyone's dreams of Super Bowls. But no one knows because they last two years have been such an aberration with the injuries. The offense has given us the ppg we need to compete. I don't need to tell anyone the defense has failed. The STs have been great. The OL has gone from lamentations to praise. Most see a rise in the talent on the club. I don't really trust Garrett but I don't know how to evaluate the last two years; and the grade on Kiffin is incomplete. Marinelli and the STs coach should get raises.

    We really don't know what we have. Are we a few players and health away from competing or is this such a mess we need to blow it up. I'd lean heavily on the former and you should see Garrett et al return next year; whether you like it or not. There's zero+ reasons to discuss Jerry.
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    Tampa 2 is a coverage, not a front. You can play the "Tampa 2" out of the Nickel.
  12. jobberone

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    That's not what I said. I said we played a lot of nickel against Philly and even gave you some players snap numbers. I have no idea what our base defense is nor do I care. All the NFL plays so many packages and has so many looks it only a simple way to label something. We don't play Air Coryell but I see people labeling our offense as that. We do run the basics of a vertical offense. Kiffin said once this year that he didn't care if someone said 4-3 or 3-4 as you have 11 men on the field. So yes we didn't play the 'Tampa 2' against Philly for the most part last game. In any event the Tampa 2 is the label for the basis of the basic philosophy for Kiffin's old defense. The Tampa 2 is a variant of a Cover 2 but it's a lot more than that including how the DL controls and plays gaps yada. So it's not just a coverage.
  13. Rack Bauer

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    I was basing my reply on the title of the article.

    That said, the "Tampa 2" part IS referring to the coverage (NOT what the DL does).

    Tampa 2 is Kiffin's version of "Cover 2". The "COver 2" doesn't involve the DL.

    My point was the writer of the article writes as if the cowboys were "abandoning" the Tampa 2 based on the fact we ran more Nickel that game. But you can run the Tampa 2 out of Dime, Nickel, 43, 34, etc...
  14. gimmesix

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    For Jones' part, I don't think he's really referring to the Tampa 2, either.

    When he says this system, I think he's merely talking about the 4-3, since Dallas hasn't really been a true Cover-2 team.

    We started the shift to the 4-3 and Jones is saying that we're not planning to suddenly shift directions back to the 3-4 IMO.
  15. Fredd

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    As forrest gump would say "stupid is as stupid does"

    and, as I have said in the past, I don't think they should abandon what they wanted to do with this defense...the D would be significantly better if they had any type of pressure from their 4 down linemen...when they put this all together, they expected a healthy ware, Ratliff, spencer to go with Hatcher....they only received hatcher....Ware is spent (can't tell if it is age or injury) and of course, we didn't have the other two...there has been no pressure....more pressure makes the LBs and DB's MUCH better....but the opposite is reality for this team...QB's can just sit back and survey the field and pick us apart...

    ....need to get better on the DL this off-season...if they improve their skill set and stay healthy, then there are no excuses left for this defensive unit
  16. BringBackThatOleTimeBoys

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    This could be a quote from a Microsoft software evangelist defending Windows 8.
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    I firmly believe, after 18 years of futility, there is no earthly way to go over the top calling Jerry Jones an idiot.

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