ST Louis which they had Barron back

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    OLT Jason Smith

    Earlier in the week an MRI revealed that OLT Jason Smith had a stress fracture in his left toe. He has been ruled out of the remainder of this weekend's minicamp and next week's final set of OTAs, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. The injury won't require surgery, but Smith will wear an orthopedic boot.

    Rams OG Mark Setterstrom suffered a torn triceps muscle during practice at the team's minicamp Friday, head coach Steve Spagnuolo revealed Saturday. The injury could force Setterstrom to miss the entire season.
    Setterstrom, who suffered a similar injury that caused him to miss the final game of 2009, faces a decision as to whether to undergo surgery or try to let the muscle heal on its own. Surgery would almost certainly sideline him until 2011.
    "We're kind of weighing our options right now," Spagnuolo said. "We've got a few days. We're not going to do anything right now. I'm disappointed — I feel bad for Mark. All the rehab that he's gone through from the injuries here. He's just a tough guy and a quality guy."
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    What could we get from them by trading him back?? :)
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    Bobby Carpenter :laugh2:
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    1st round pick!!!!
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    Man, we should have held onto Flozell for a few more weeks. Could have squeezed a 5th out of them possibly.
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