News: ST: Marinelli remembers Garrett in Tampa as 'bright, inquisitive'

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by jobberone, Feb 18, 2013.

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    Cowboys coach Jason Garrett has said one of the benefits of joining Tampa Bay for his final pro season as a quarterback in 2004 was to learn from the defensive staff, which included Rod Marinelli.

    Marinelli remembers Garrett’s approach.

    “Bright. Inquisitive. Passion for football,” Marinelli said Thursday as he met reporters at Valley Ranch. “I’ll get close to people like that that really have a passion for this game and what it’s about. You could see that fast. And intelligence. You could see that was going to happen fast.”
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    Can't be true Garrett is not hiring anyone. :laugh2:

    I'm sure the media and the critics will spin this in a negative way somehow.
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    The crazy part is your probably right.
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    One thing that comes across to me is that Kiffin and Marinelli are both fraternity kinds of guys. Once trust is developed, a bond is made that transcends quite a bit. Look at Marinelli coming here.

    You look at how at least publicly Bill Callahan backs up Garrett completely and you get a feeling as to what type of program Garrett is trying to build. I need to think more on this notion but I do think there is something to it.

    If these guys are able to build a rapport and work together then I think a lot of the hand wringing will be much ado over nothing.

    Yes I know that talents trumps all and we need to be shrewd this offseason but I could very well see a coaching fraternity forming in the halls of valley ranch. They are that type of guys.

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