News: ST: On the interception, Garrett says Romo should have gone to Murray when he felt pressure

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    “He probably should have come down and thrown the ball to the back,” Garrett said. “It’s a play that we know. We’ve seen him make throws like that, in between defenders in the zone, a lot. He made a few of them in this ballgame.”

    Garrett said there was pressure in the pocket on Romo, but that he should have looked for his dump-off.

    “When you felt that little bit of pressure on your left-hand side, kind of slide in the pocket, find DeMarco Murray,” Garrett said. “Tried to stick one in there, and they made a good play. He certainly would like to have that decision back, but you’ve got to move forward. You’ve got to learn from it.”

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    Garrett likes to throw everybody, but himself, under the bus. What to say about his horrible clock management after the TO... This guy can't be fired fast enough.
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    What are you talking about? Clock management?
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    Well, 3 TOs and and 1:50 to play, and they couldn't cede a score to at least play for a tie. I can't even remember Garrett going livid over the inentional grounding of Peyton Manning or raising the issue after the fact...
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    Okay, didn't realize you were talking about letting them score as clock management. Gotcha. I was also hoping to see him upset and talking to officials about the intentional grounding, and to be fair he may have, but it just wasn't shown.
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    Whether the critique is right or wrong, Garrett discussing it publicly after that monster performance that Romo put up is the height of douchebaggery.

    This idiot coach- a third string QB and failed OC - was kept from a 40 plus point drubbing thanks to the superhuman play of Romo. For him to say anything but the highest praise about Romo is disgusting.

    I'm sick of this guy and my only joy in seeing another wasted season is the hope that it will be his last here

    And not one NFL team would pick this loser up while the real Qb on this team would have 20 plus teams salivating over him.

    Garrett please get a life outside of football you preening poser
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    There's nothing wrong with the HC discussing the decision making process of the QB for what turned out to be the deciding series in last week's game. And, he's right. And I'm sure Tony would publicly agree that he's right. Tony's not so fragile that he can't have a conversation about a single play not going well in an otherwise awesome game. Nor do we want him to be. Nor should we expect our HC to be shy about talking about particular plays.
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    Agree, Hc and QB can discuss things so they do better the next game. There are always mistakes and ways to improve, no matter who you are in life. Well said my friend, catch some waves and brews and enjoy the game and cheerleaders.

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